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Two container ships collide on Egypt’s Suez Canal, 3 containers knocked into sea.


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Crazy...i used to work for a company that routes cargo ships. It takes a lot to change course and speed and usually has to be confirmed and such. I find it crazy that they'd pull a stunt like that! Depending on speed and RPM it would be very difficult to avoid a collision after turning to directly face the smaller ship if the course change was really a mistake. Still, they should've known better than to maneuver so close to another vessel

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The funny, to me, thing is, that the Suez is only run in convoys, so dicking around to get ahead isn't going to accomplish much anyway. You are still only going to be allowed through at certain times for the direction you are travelling. 

Having been through 'the ditch' on several occasions, I can attest to this.

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