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Ral Partha 10-501 Draconians: Aurak


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Thanks very much, everyone!


Paintergeist, I also love the Sivak. Sadly, the sword on mine is broken...I've done a pretty horrendous repair job on it, but I may have to redo it now that I have more confidence with the gs. The bozak is the next one from the box to get paint, I think, but the Sivak is after that one!


Stefan, they'll get done. Not soon, but they'll get done!


Crow, thanks as always! I do like painting these guys...they are so small, and many of the details are even more exacting than what we're used to seeing produced now!

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This is really good. I pulled out my art of the Dragonlance saga and it's really nicely done! 


I wasn't collecting minis when this line was out.  If I had been collecting at that time, I would have owned this set, along with all the other DL sets... 

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