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Wolrdspinner fanatsy RPG worldbuilder and map maker


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Pledges are mainly print out of a map in a larger size, a one year membership and some other things..

Spin a World. Make a Map. Find Adventure.

"Worldspinner is the online worldbuilding tool that gamers and authors have been waiting for. It will give your world a solid foundation upon which your own imagination has limitless room to expand." - Philip Athans, best-selling author ofAnnihilation and The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction

Worldspinner makes it easy to create your own richly detailed fantasy world in minutes, including continents, mountain ranges, cultures, kingdoms, cities, and more. Then, delve as deeply as you like into customizing your world. You can create beautiful maps without spending hours with paint tools, and without needing to be an artist.

Worldspinner is a tool, not a game. It doesn’t replace your creativity, but multiplies it. It is hosted online, so you don’t need to download anything and it is available anywhere. The technology is almost complete; the maps and screenshots you see below are all real examples from the working system.



"Not since the work done by Judges Guild and Harn in the late 1970s has there been such a great product for fantasy mapping. The ability to generate adventure on a strategic scale, as well as populate it with cities, encounters and other adventure material is awesome." - Bill Webb, Frog God Games

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I really, really wanted to be into this. But I find all the "we populate the whole thing for you" to be contrary to what it should do. At that point, why not just buy a pre-published campaign setting? All the artists contributing pieces, cities, quests, etc. all have established product you can get into if you want to experience their worlds. 


I think to do this well, they'd need a platform to allow some additions of things people have already done. And then just get out of the way and let people create.

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