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DP9 Heavy Gear


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Looks like plastic mecha are all the rage. Between Robotech and CAV I'm going to be up to my ears in mecha...but the idea of gears that don't cost an arm and a leg may be too much to resist. Don't know that I'll go big on this one, probably one of the army boxes or a $1 pledge with some add-ons. These aren't likely to be used with their game so I'm not looking to get more than handful, definitely not more than say, 20.


Says starting in October, not sure when though.


MOD EDIT - project live. Link to kickstarter:


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They're still sculpting all of the models, so no pics yet. I would assume that they'll have some when the KS launches, but they said that some of the prototypes won't be ready until after the KS is finished, so it'll probably be mostly artist renderings of the new Gears.

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Here's the comment I was referring too:


The first stretch goals will be to make three more faction armies available, the South and Peace River for Terra Nova and Caprice as an ally for the CEF. Later goals will include molds for more new and existing models, so that we can get most of the basic pewter models into plastic and have more competitive pricing. We have already started 3D modeling, with 20% complete to date, and are aiming to have them all finished by the end of the year. Kickstarter updates will includes images of all the 3D models as they are completed.

Guess they were just talking about 3D models for the new models.

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It's supposed to be sometime this week.  That's the word on their forums.  They've also changed the goal structure of the KS considerably from where it was at the beginning of the month...much for the better in my opinion.  Even though I really don't need more Heavy Gear stuff, I'm probably in on this one for the Starter set.


The biggest issues they are having is the exorbitant international shipping costs...plus customs and VAT...that may severely limit international involvement.  They are looking at options, but no idea if they will be able to resolve it.

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All of a sudden, the Heavy Gear Blitz MSP paint set I've been eyeing doesn't seem as crazy anymore.


Been a fan of the company and different settings for years.


I wonder how well updated the rules are? Hardcore fans I knew spoke of glaring flaws in the old ruleset.


As for shipping, this one of those rare cases where I or friends can pickup in person.

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