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We are now in the final 3 days of the Heavy Gear Blitz – War for Terra Nova Kickstarter, which ends this Saturday afternoon, November 22nd at 2:04 PM EST.


We want to thank all our Backers, old and new, for their support. We started the project with a modest goal of $27,000 CAD to pay for the very expensive molds need to make a Basic Starter Set of 16 plastic miniatures. Now 27 days into the project we have unlocked 14 main stretch goals and numerous mini-stretch goals and are at over $112,000 CAD Pledged.


We now have an amazing Backer Reward Core Starter Set which includes 47 plastic miniatures, color quick start rulebook, backer patch, plus a lot of free downloads. The true retail value of all the individual miniatures included in the Core Starter Set is over $300. You get it all for a Pledge of $115 CAD (about $100 USD) plus shipping of $15 for US and Canadian Backers and actual shipping cost for International Backers. That`s a cost of less than $2.50 per miniature compared to our pewter miniatures cost of $8 or more each.


If your brand new please start by viewing our main War for Terra Nova Kickstarter page and scrolling down, we have images there of what's included in the Core Starter Set, the stretch goals, add-ons available, and images with links to our pledge calculator, free download Beta Rules ebook and our facebook page. Plus way down on the page there are info graphics for the four factions included in our Core Starter Set and our shipping FAQ.


Here is a link to our latest update, for new Backers, we gathered all the important updates since the Kickstarter launched, to get you up to speed fast.


Below is an image of the Core Starter Set showing all the 47 miniatures included, to see what an amazing deal it is. Please share it with friends and support our project, all help is very appreciated.


Thank You All! 



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Yeah, I'm sad about it, but I'm going to have to pass on this one.  I actually came into some extra money this month, enough that I can buy the new PC I've been wanting the past year, so I'm gonna buy that instead. 


I'm glad your KS is doing so well though. It means I don't have to feel guilty about not helping you reach your initial goal. :poke:

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Heavy Gear - War for Terra Nova Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter - Last 15 Hours

We are now in the last 15 hours of the Heavy Gear Blitz – War for Terra Nova Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter, which ends this Saturday afternoon, November 22nd at 2:04 PM EST.

With over $131,000 CAD Pledged to date and our 16th stretch goal just unlocked, adding another plastic miniature to our Core Starter Set Backer Reward. The set now includes 49 miniatures, color quick start rulebook and exclusive backer patch. Total value of over $300, all for a Pledge of $115 CAD plus shipping. Stop by and checkout the Kickstarter and support Heavy Gear by pledging for this amazing Backer Reward Package.



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Ooh, this one is tough...I don't see myself playing the game, but some of the parts (legs especially) could make for some sweet CAV conversions.


Bahh, join in. We're finding folks all over. ;) Everyone loves a good Gear.


Yeah, I'm sad about it, but I'm going to have to pass on this one.  I actually came into some extra money this month, enough that I can buy the new PC I've been wanting the past year, so I'm gonna buy that instead. 


I'm glad your KS is doing so well though. It means I don't have to feel guilty about not helping you reach your initial goal. :poke:


Every little bit helps, but hey, priorities are important, so no worries. Hope you'll join us over in the DP9 forums, or, if ya'll have Facebook, the Terra Nova DMZ Fan group is available for everyone who loves the Heavy Gear Universe. :)




And broke 2 stretch goals yesterday.  So it's up to 50 models for the $115 CAD pledge.  Only about 29 hours to go.  Still plenty more goodies to unlock!


11 hours now, and we've broken $135,000. Just unlocked some Demolition Drones. :) Rhoomba of doom!


-Brandon F.

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But the CAV are giant robots, these are human sized robot suits. Totally different.


Ehhhh... The Flail Squads are "human sized robot suits" but the Gears are oversized mecha.  Not as big as CAV or BattleTech mecha, perhaps, but much larger than human sized.  From the rulebook:


"A Gear stands two to four times times the height of an adult human. The pilot sits in the chest of the vehicle with their head often

extending up into the sensor head turret of the Gear."


So, that would be, what, around 12-24 feet tall?  Definitely sounds like big stompy robots!  ::D: 

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Thank you everyone for making our first Kickstarter an amazing success. We raised over $150,000 CAD in Pledges from over 1000 Backers to get molds made for new plastic miniatures.

We will be doing an update on the Kickstarter page at least once a week for our Backers, from now on. Early next week we'll make the Pledge Manager active and import the Backer information supplied by Kickstarter. Once that's done we'll send out a few test invites to make sure everything works right and then you will get an email invite to setup your account. The Pledge Manager is where you will decide on the composition of your rewards and pledge for additional add-ons.

We will announce plans for the still locked Kickstarter models in a future update.

Thanks Again!

Robert Dubois (President Dream Pod 9)
Dave McLeod (Line Developer and Game Designer)


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