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For those who missed out on the Kickstarter, Mr. Dubois has added a backdoor timeframe for those who wish to join in the Kickstarter by going directly to Fundafull and signing in to get their own Core Starter Set.


The most recent update from the KS reads:


"First a quick update on the Pledge Manager. Total pledges are now at $149,085 CAD with 931 Backers registered and we have sent out another round of invite reminders to the 93 who still need to register. The Fundafull team have also unlock the Pledge Manager to allow new outside backers to join for our additional funding campaign to reach $185K CAD in total pledges and unlock a few more desired stretch goals not reached during the Kickstarter. 
Here is the new direct link to setup an account on the War for Terra Nova Pledge Manager, for new backers who missed the Kickstarter campaign. If you already backed the Kickstarter don't use this link, you need to register using the invite email that was sent out to you previously."
So, if you noticed the Heavy Gear KS, or your friends or family did and were not able to join in, the chance is now.
Peace, and Happy New Year!
-Brandon F.
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The latest update is pretty important for backers to read.




I'll copy/paste the important bits here:



We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we've be busy on our side going over mold quotes and crunching the numbers. When planing the Kickstarter in the summer of 2014 we did a lot of research, talked to a lot of people and got estimated quotes and costing on every aspect of plastic injection mold making and production. We gave ourselves a good 15% safety margin on all the quotes and even on the $CAD to $USD exchange rate, as most suppliers are paid in US dollars. The Canadian dollar has had a very rocky ride this last year and lost more that 30% of its value. Went we looked at the final mold manufacturing quotes we received in early January, based on the final parts sprues, we needed to face reality. We had planned on doing 6 molds originally with 4 models in each mold. But the final quotes came in a bit higher than expected and coupled with the lower Canadian dollar, we need to play it safe and have decided to just make 5 molds instead. We have managed to fit all but two of the originally announced models into the 5 molds. We agonized over which 2 models we would cut and final decided on the cutting Tiger and Sidewinder, as they fill a similar roll to the Hunter and Jager in the game. On the positive side we have added 1 extra Acco Mount to the Core Starter Set and more options for the Caprice Mounts and lots of extra weapons for all the models, read all details below. We apologize and hope everyone with understand our decision.




Right now some Backers have Tiger and Sidewinder plastic models selected as Add-ons in the Pledge Manager, which we will not be able to ship. We have unlocked all the Backer orders on the Pledge Manager and would like everyone to login, using the link below (if you forgot your password there is recoverlink on the login page). Once your logged in please check your Add-ons and if you have any platic Tigers or Sidewinders selected please zero them out and use your extra available funding pledge to select some other available Add-ons.


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Okay, the long wait is over.  finally received this kickstarter in all its glory.  the final product is really nice and well worth the wait.  the plastic used for the minis is a really strong hard plastic and takes both super glue and standard plastic cement depending on how you want to put the pieces together. There are plenty of optional parts to customize the force with and the rule book is also very nice and is really well set up for teaching the game. 


Even though the wait was long, and they were waaaaay over due, I think I would back them again.  The product was well done and the communication continued to be good throughout the entire delay process

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that's odd.  all of my sprues have a little tab on them with the name of the model on the sprue.  Weird.  they also have a free construction guide that is in drivethru RPG that you can get that has a picture of each sprue and the name and number of each part on the sprue

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      I know there are a few folks that do Bolt Action and similar 28mm wargaming (@buglips), so I thought I'd bounce this out there.
      Railroads are an important means to transport troops, equipment, ammunition and all other kinds of supply to the front. Especially in a country as vast as the Soviet Union with it's endless steppes, only few reliable roads and no major rivers running in the direction of the German advance during Operation Barbarossa in World War II. 
      With this set of detailed buildings and rolling stock in 1/56 scale for 28mm figures you get the opportunity to recreate the crucial fighting around the Soviet railroad system.
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      Also included is a typical rural train station with optional additional platforms for all who want to depict a Soviet - or captured German - supply depot, where heavy equipment like tanks and guns are being unloaded.
      And for all of you looking for an armored train - don't worry! We have you covered.
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      All models are highly detailed on the outside and inside. The interiors are easily accessible, as roofs are removable. In addition, all doors are moveable, which means you can open or close them during gameplay.
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