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Demihuman's Isle of the Colossus WIP - 02911: Colossal Skeleton

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In a tiny fishing village lost long ago somewhere in the Aegean there was an old fisherman who paid all his debts in gold coins. Coins he claimed to fish from the bottom of the sea. Most of the coins were smooth, worn by sand and sea. A few coins were not quite so smooth. These bore the mark of an ancient king. Many tried to discover the old fisherman's secret. The few that returned had only madness to jingle in their purses. Drunken accounts of a sea giant, ravings about the spirits of dead sailors painted across the night sky. Hushed pleading whispers begging to forget the horror of the Pharaoh's own body guard from beyond the grave...     




I'm back! I had so much fun painting up my Dragon Diorama last year for the annual Reaper Forum contest that I really wanted to come back and do it again this year. Only this year I am going to WIP it up over here on the Reaper forum!


If you want to check out last years entry it lives over on my CMON gallery here: http://www.coolminiornot.com/349289



This year i am going to be painting up, and basing the crap out of  Jason Weibe's 02911: Colossal Skeleton. This is the metal one and he is a big sucker.


I want to have him on about a 6" x 6" display base, guarding some Egyptian ruins and treasure. There is also going to be some sort of fishermans hut. The Colossal Skeleton will have his feet in the ocean that I am going to make out of some clear pour-able resin. Pretty ambitious, but I have a few months.










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After some inspiration I started on the base. Fancy wood plinths are pretty much par for the course, but some folks have been doing some really cool things with the edges of the plinth and how it fits into the scene. The "live edge" of a piece of wood makes great terrain. As a former country boy I am sad to say that I got my funky piece of wood off of e-bay. It is a section of a slab of Mission Olive burl.


The flat sides are going to be sanded and down finished with varnish (or probably just some furniture wax) and will look like a nice piece of display base. The rough live edges will become my sea bed and shore. It even has a little built in grotto:


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Got my wood all cleaned up and ready to mount in a cheap-o picture frame from the art store. I also replaced the glass with a layer of cork I had kicking around. I left the top of the wood unfinished because I am going to glue my ruins to that part.  






Also figured out how to insert the photos in the post a little better:


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Got a little OCD on finishing the wood that will be showing so, While the cloud of varnish dispersed I got to work on modifying his primary weapon.


When I first saw this guy I was really excited by the texture that was on his larger sword. I thought it would be great to paint it bronze and then add a bunch of verdigris, but in the picture his sword looks like it might be longer because it is pointed at the camera. (keep it clean!)


When I got him home and out of the box the sword looked a little short to me. I also saw the tombstone hammer that the Bones versions have and thought that looked very cool.




Also not super happy about the big bowie knife he is holding overhand. Not to be too much of a nerd, but why would you give your giant a close-in stabby weapon? The whole point of a giant is that it is way bigger than most things it's fighting. So take advantage of that extra reach and power right? I don't think he is going to be able to sneak up and backstab anybody. The Tennessee Toothpick has to go!


I have sort of a nautical theme so maybe a harpoon?


On the larger sword I still want to paint something that is old and weathered bronze but more of a proper giant basher type thing. Like the Tombstone hammer. Going with the ocean thing I came up with this:




Here is another view with the back on:




Giant bronze anchor! It's not done yet. I need to give it a big slather of magic sculpt putty and then try to copy the texture that was on the original sword. It is quite a bit bigger than the original sword. I suppose I can always cut it down.


What do you think?



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