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Red Box games kickstarter 5

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MOD EDIT: The Kickstarter is now running. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/red-box-games-heroic-fantasy-miniatures   These are the new pieces that I have almost ready for produ

i am not kidding. In fact I just may do a whole damned rogue's gallery of beloved sword and sorcery archetypical characters. I had 6 figures mostly finished the last time I launched a KS and managed t

Money has officially been allocated.  Just waiting to hit the pledge button now...     My wife was teasing me last night that I sculpt to afford to buy minis sculpted by others.  She has a point. 

That's understandable but how about putting the concept art for the missile brigands up to show what the unlocks will be?



I'm hoping I've done this right...  The a-la-carte option is a bit confusing with the shipping.  It says the $5 pledge includes shipping, but then when you go to finalize it says you haven't selected any shipping.  At $21 I'm good for 2 x $8 + the $5 pledge, right? 

That's how I figured it too so I hope you're right.

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Yeh KS decided to implement a new system after the campaign went live. I cannto edit the pledge levels after the fact to adjust for the confusion. I cannto help btu wonder how many other peopel are havign the same troubles. :/


And yes that is correct 2 figures at $8 each and then $5 for shipping inside the US.


As for posting concept art..... I really dislike doing that as I invariably change my mind about elements of the designs as I sculpt them. i will see what I can put together though.


Betty funded today!  Now we will be on to funding the Dual weidling brute! I will get a WIP shot of him up today!


Cheers Yall!



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Want to see brute.


Really want to see the brigand witch Tre has hinted at in the comments.



Really, really want more money to throw at all of the cool minis.  I have kids that are starting to paint minis and I suspect I will need duplicates so I still retain a full set.

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