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Oathsworn: Duregar Runestriker, Dwarf Wizard

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This mini of yours could be (or, should be, rather) an inspiration mini for effective OSL. Thanks.


And well done, in case you didn't get my appreciation from the above line  :blush:

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This mini of yours could be (or, should be, rather) an inspiration mini for effective OSL. Thanks.


And well done, in case you didn't get my appreciation from the above line  :blush:

Perfect OSL.

:blush:  :down:  ^_^

Thanks, Willen and Ub3r. I hope to inspire, although I certainly wouldn't claim it's perfect by any stretch.


Thanks very much to everyone who has liked and commented here; I am pleased with how he came out, and I have future plans for the technique. It's very nice to have some outside feedback telling me I'm not crazy in thinking the effect works.


I mean it about the critiques, though. There are plenty of little nits I could pick with this guy, but I'd love to know whatever details stick out to y'all as "off." (my future plans for OSL include next Reapercon's contest, so...help me be better, by all means!)

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I think he looks fantastic, but I'm more than a little biased....

I'm planning to try OSL on mine, but I've never done it before, so I'll be using your pics for reference! ^_^

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Looks pretty much perfect to me. Warm lit areas, muted colour in the shadows, good consistent directionality as far as I can see... yeah. Rock solid work, like a boss, as my kids would say.


If you wanted to win prizes you'd need to do more to the base. Apart from that? MADE OF WIN.

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Just to make you feel better, it seems like the OSL is reaching too far to his left.  The back of his hand shouldn't be lit up, far side of the cloak stuff like that.  And the back of his hammer is metal so it should be brighter, reflecting more, than the cloth and such around it.


Now, I'm only telling you this so that you can say "Yay, I got a critique!" because really it is an awesome job that I would love to emulate.

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Critique: From the pic, I feel the shadows are not dark enough, and the OSL goes too far to be "real". In real life you need a more shadowy environment for actual light to show up in such long distances, by means of contrast.


What I mean is that, if the ambient light is actually that high so that his shadowed side is not nearly black (and stark transitions would be needed) then the OSL should not be visible so down his beard. I am actually looking into that as reference, checking actual lights at dawn, and deep night, and plan to do a small dio to study the situation.


However, as painting is not "realistic" but it looking nice and awesome, the mini is just awesome  :blush:


BTW, the OSL source could probably use a little more white highlighting and lighter value still, but I think I mentioned this in your WIP thread and you already said it was pure white... 

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