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The travels of Sir Forscale and friends...The chatter/photo thread

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Sir Forscale stopped by Seattle today.  Some of his friends decided to stay with me.  You can see the ones that wanted to stay in this pic below.   http://tinypic.com/m/ie3rcj/1   2 Bones Goblins,

My picks out of the box [put in a lot more than I took out, if you count freebies and sketches =P] I'll try to get better picture tomorrow And went ahead and built the super amazing BATTLE DOLPHIN! =

So here's what I got out of my box.  I ended up putting in a lot more than I took out.  

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And holy cow, guys, there's SO MUCH STUFF I can't even  ::o:


Still sorting through everything. There is much Froggy conversion goodness, several of which made me giggle, such as Sir Forscale's career change. :D Also many lovely things from Bonwirn. So many goodies!


I'll snap pictures when I'm done. The box will likely be going out again a week from now; a new box will need to be acquired, and also I will be making a something, or possibly a couple of somethings, to go in.  :ph34r:



--OneBoot :D

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Is everybody taking pictures of the total of what was in the box?

Those might be fun to look at, at the end...


I have just finished making three extra things to stick in...planning a fourth...since there are four peoples downstream of me.

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As promised it's picture time. First up is the hooked terror that has narrowly avoided being apart of my last four orders.



Next is a bones giant spider, three goatmen, a lizardman, a short wererat, and a grumpy gnome with a bad attitude.



And finally the stuff from the freebie box. A cool picture from Catbat, 2 d20s, a small bucket some weapon bits, the top portion of a crocodiles head and a large eagle with a missing wing that I am pretty sure I can replace.

I'm so happy you rescued some of the bin-minis! They're going to a good home! Especially that eagle. He'd been in the $1 bin for eons, and I'm the only one who gets anything out of there. I loved him but knew I wasn't confident enough to restore him to his former glory, so I look forward to seeing what you do with him!


Also, if that's the quality of CatBat's art, I hope she put enough in for everyone.

I certainly did! There should be enough for everyone in the circuit, +1 for when it gets back to the circuit starter, provided everyone takes one. :)

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The mail just got delivered. A box addressed to "Pingo" has arrived, amusing my husband.


I haven't opened it yet as I'm in the studio, but I expect to get to it later this afternoon.


I'm kind of surprised how excited I am by this.

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