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Swords against Chaos

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It is now late in the afternoon. The shadows have grown long between the houses. Smoke swirls from fires throughout the town. There are perhaps 15 volunteers moving into the streets, leaving the relative safety of the barracade in pairs or groups of three. Though there is a bit of tension it quickly becomes evident that the beastmen have fled.


Otto follows a vague sound to find two young women, a boy, two goats and a dog hidden/trapped in a collapsed stable. As you help them escape a militia unit of five marches past on their way to the city gates. Their sargent looks over at you and says, "The ferries are back and there are a couple river barges in as well. We're evacuating everyone before sunset. The last boat leaves in about an hour."


More and more searchers are moving through the battletorn streets of Frakstein. There are also those soldiers taking a post on the wall in case the beastmen come back.


:upside:Your options are many, continue searching, hide and wait until everyone leaves, run away to the forest, go to the wall and stand guard, go to the docks and rest, you've still got some wounds.

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"Come on, Ragnar. Let's sit here at the docks and rest. you've had a rough day, even by your high standards."


Otto begins to examine the several knicks cuts and lumps he has ignored in light of his friends more dramatic damage. Suddenly he realizes he HURTS....he just hadn't had time to notice earlier. He sits down at the quay, and quickly falls asleep.....

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Otto wakes up to the call to board ships; stiff, sore and thirsty. The sun is nearly down. Nearby Ragnar has his muzzle thrust into a huge drinking mug. The smell of beer hangs aroung Ragnar as if he has been bathing in it as well as drinking it. (A huge barrel of fine dark beer had been torn open in the battle and while reaching in to get his second mugful Ragnar fell in which made the stuff that much easier to drink after all).


You board the with the last refugees and defenders of Frakstein. Five vessels set off for the short journey across the river and you hear these tidbits of gossip.


"There's war in the North and this is just the beginnings of our hard times."

"The end is coming, we'll all mutate and be like those things."

"Those beastmen won't come back, scouts said they was still running."

"The Count said that the army would be marching away tomorrow, we'll be on our own."

"Our homes is gonna get looted tonight."


On arrival there is hot food and clean water for anyone who fought to defend Frakstein. Word goes out that in the morning there will be a call for warriors to assemble, but now there will be a celebration that most people of the town have escaped massacre. You can join in or there are places set up for the wounded by the Temple of Shallya or places to sleep in peace. All of the Inns are full but tents and the like are available. Across the river fires still burn marking Frakstein in the rising darkness.

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The night passes slowly. It is difficult to sleep or find rest. People stand or sit in groups. Fear is on the rise. But the night does pass. The things you left on the WINDSONG are gone for now. That vessel is not among the vessels moored. You are now in Averlun. There is little food to be had. The Temple of Shallya offers gruel and clean water for free. There are sausages, boiled eggs, local cheese (a white cheese similar to Swiss) and fresh bread to be had at high prices. And you are down on funds (what you had in your pockets or pouches). Somewhere in the fray your packs and bedrolls were thown aside or left behind. But you are alive and healing.


You see faces you recognize: the foresters that you joined to attack the beastman warband from behind and the Captain from the Road Wardens. They are moving toward the outskirts of town. It seems that most of the men and women who are dressed like sell swords or soldiers are drifting toward the outskirts of town. Will you join them?


::): You have earned an increase at this point. I am still slow with this game so PM me with the career changes or other upgrade you might want to make. If you want something more specific let me know by PM.

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I'm sorry but I have to call it quits on the games I want to play for a while. The problem is that I am working more than 70 hours a week. Eventually that will change but for now I just don't have the time for these games. Hope to see some of you out playing Warlord...my son and I will be hitting the FLGS on the weekends, when I have free time. Until later.


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