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77029: Silverhorn, Unicorn

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Alrighty, so last night I was looking around to paint something appropriate for October, you know, something Halloweenish. I thought I might even start on painting something for The Ghoul, The Bad and The Ugly contest since I'm almost positive that I have the ghost king in my drawer. So what do I end up choosing? A unicorn. Possibly the least Halloweenish mini I could pick, especially since I have no intention of turning it into a Night Mare like I've seen others do. Oh well, the heart wants what the heart wants and my heart wanted to paint a unicorn.


So I went to shave off some mold lines and suddenly found myself chopping off the broccoli base....seriously, half way through I was like "What am I doing?  :blink: " So apparently not only did my heart want to paint a unicorn, it also wanted to be forced to make a base for that unicorn. I've not done any basing before, so I was obviously overtaken by madness. (I also blame ub3r...he knows why this is his fault  ::P:)


So his two legs will not hold him up just in the usual poster tack that I usually attach minis to the candle fancy mini holding apparatus that I use, so I had to hot glue him down....I don't recall if I saw that suggestion somewhere here or in a video....so hopefully that's going to work out when it comes time to remove him.  ::P:


Without further adieu, I give you the beginnings of my unicorn, who, I would just like to point out, is not going to have rainbow hair, despite what his body colour is suggesting to you at the moment.




I started out with slopping Brown Liner all over him, as you do with Bones. Any parts of hair then got a beginning basecoat (still needs a couple of coats) of Ritterlich Blue, which just looks black in the pic. I then put down a few thin layers (and then a thicker layer because I was getting terrible coverage) of Surf Aqua. It still needs a few layers because under my Ottlite in person you can see a lot of patchiness. I'm trying not to make the paint too thick though.


Then, we have the beginnings of the base for him.




Question: Do I need more primer? This is my first time even using actual primer, as I've only painted Bones. I wasn't expecting it to be quite so thin. It is the Reaper Brush On Primer. I live in the southern US with 10 billion percent humidity, so I have no intention of attempting spray primers.


Would love to hear your thoughts, as always.  ^_^

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Oh..the Ub3r nassstiii issssss, makkkkkksssssss precious thingsssssssssss has tooo base, and thhhennnn glueeessesss themmm downnn...

Tis he that lead me to my doom, of forever basing what I touch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You'll get better at it as you go along, and it actually is a lot of fun :)

You'll be amazed at what you can use for base material.... Enjoy...

Looking like a great Start Guindyloo...!

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Good. Our plan is working, eh Ub3r?


Nice start. For cork, I generally prime with gesso. It tends to absorb anything else.

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I second dsmiles comment. I always prime cork with gesso. If not, that cork will drunk all the paint you throw at it, primer or not! Lol! I just picked some Liquitex gesso at Hobby Lobby. I'm not seeing me running out anytime soon! It's thick so I make sure to thin it out enough to paint then throw a coat or two on the cork. I think I put some pics on the Kaya WIP and a few others that have rocks, just for reference.


Edit: Nope. No I didn't :( I took the pics but never posted them. If you're interested I have them as well as a few shots of painting up Kaya's rock.

Edited by Kharsin
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Thanks guys! ^_^


Alas, I have no gesso and I have a self imposed ban on entering stores that sell Halloween items because I will buy all the things, but I'll order some from amazon so I'll have it in the next couple of days. The cork definitely sucked up a ton of the primer.


Kharsin, I would love to see your pics! Feel free to post them in this thread or pm them to me if you prefer. ^_^

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I've never tried it, but I believe I recall that PVA glues (Elmer's, etc.) plus water also works well for filling porous materials like cork and the styrene foam board used for insulation.  If anyone has tried it, let us know if it works.   ::):

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I've never tried it, but I believe I recall that PVA glues (Elmer's, etc.) plus water also works well for filling porous materials like cork and the styrene foam board used for insulation.  If anyone has tried it, let us know if it works.   ::):

I've used it to "prime" the green flower foam you get at craft stores. I use it to make walls and such for terrain, since it holds an imprint of stone so well. It takes several coats of straight white glue to get a workable surface.


I haven't tried it on cork, though.

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Okay! I do have a few pics of the rock work-up although not a complete work up. Still, you'll be able to get the gist from this series. I'm throwing in a few legacy pics here as well:


1. Varaug the Great was my first attempt at rock. It was made with sheet cork that I found too thin in the long run. Still, it was a lot of fun, and he's still one of my fav minis even though he was only mini #7!


2. The Bladesinger Sister was my second attempt, as well as mini #8. I still used the thin cork, but put together lots of layers to get the height and shape. It also looks like this was when I started using gesso. Wow, was that really way back in February!? LOL! Time flies...


3. The Stonehaven Dwarf Rouge was my 3rd rock, and done for my first mini exchange. I'd gotten tired of layering rock and just ended up using a cork. I found this a lot easier as I didn't have to build up layers. The texture was done with a pair of needle nose pliers. I don't have much of a WIP on this one as it was for the exchange. 


4. Oh KESH! I'd forgotten he had cork in his base! And I thought I'd done a complete rock work up before... this must have been it.


And onto Kaya! Let's see... This here is Kaya on top of the rock for placement. She was very trick due to weight. At any rate, the rock is raw cork at this point. Some people place the mini on the base and prime from the get go. I've always done them separately. I don't know why, it's just how I roll. 




Here's the rock as gesso'd up. Checking the Khesh WIP, I can see that it is Liquitex BASIC Gesso. It comes out really thick, but I thin it out with distilled water using an empty Reaper paint bottle. I use distilled water as we have hard water in our area, and I figure that would make everything all sorts of chalky, so... distilled. I do thin it out pretty good as I generally want some of the cork texture to come through for later washes. The pin was inserted to mark the angle and placement of Kaya for later. It didn't work well.... at all... LOL!




And according to the time stamp on the pic, this one is only a minute later after the first layer of gesso was applied! You can see that the rock has absorbed a lot of what was there. I treat the gesso as I do a sealer, using a few layers to just prevent the rock from absorbing the paints we use. Gesso is a lot cheaper than mini paints!  :upside:




Here I applied a couple washes of ink, as I've been playing around with inks lately. I'll let these *mostly* dry, then start applying paint. I use the Reaper Stone Triad for the most part, although on Kaya's spearhead, I used Scale 75's white and black set. The Reaper Stone Triad makes it really easy! I also threw in some Vallejo Ivory for the final highlights. 




Here's the finished rock. I didn't get very many pics of the process. Sorry! :down:




However, I realized this when I finished, and took a pic of the rock sitting on my palette to compensate! Looking at the photograph, I believe the colors are, starting with the black well next to the rock and going clockwise....


1. Scalecolor Inktensity Inktense Black


2. Reaper MSP Shadowed Stone


3. Reaper MSP Stone Grey


4. Reaper MSP Weathered Stone, maybe with a bit of Vallejo Ivory added in... I'm not sure.


5. Scalecolor Inktensity Inktense Chesnut


6. In the middle, Scalecolor Inktensity Inktense Wood


I try not to make my rocks too grey as they don't normally look grey, unless you're modeling limestone. I tend to look at the surface of the "rock" and see where water and such would run down out of holes, crevices, nicks, etc. Reference pictures of real rock really help you to get a feel for this. Of course, this also changes depending on the environment you're trying to recreate. I looked at a lot of pics of snowy cliffs for this one, which is why this rock looks darker than other ones. 




At any rate, this and the other links listed above are what I've managed to pull off so far. This is probably way more information than you wanted.... I tend to get carried away when writing! Good luck!



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Kharsin, there is absolutely no such thing as too much information! It will be very helpful not just for this mini, but for many more to come and will give me a super easy reference to revisit! Thank you very much for putting all of this together!!!

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