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CAV Black Market


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"Open Market" models are those that any faction can obtain and field (i.e. infantry, generic transports, cruise missile systems) without sacrificing Faction Doctrine.


"Black Market" models are everything else that will still be available in metal but didn't make the List of Doom.  The Construction Rules are going to allow us to create unit cards for these models that no CAV goes to waste.  While these units may not be "tournament legal" they're still just as deadly as any other at your kitchen table or in your FLGS.  


As I have the tools and the talent I am going full graphics with these as they're released.  I won't include pictures, however, if I cannot get the consent of the original painter and Reaper.


Most of these CAV are quite small but are easy conversions using any of Reaper's weapon sprues.  I will probably rename/nickname these on the unit cards refer to their "hull type" by the original model name.  Here is my to-do list so far:

Here are some mildly appropriate weapons packs for the modes w/ hands:

There were a couple of the small-scale aircraft I am will update as well.  Most of these started out as transports/dropships but I am redesigning them as Heavy Bombers:

Here are the "variants" I have planned.  These are a going to be a mix of Bones and Metal, based mostly on the model in question:

  • "Shadow Cat" Black Ops - Cougar Variant (this is one of the demo models being featured in the upcoming videos)
  • "Hippocampus" Medium Transport - Kraken Variant (same Bones model but with different paint scheme OR just use the original true scale metal model)
  • "Starhawk 5.5" - Starhawk VI Variant (Bones SH6 converted with older style missile launchers to better match the SH5.  I'm using the official SH5 unit card with these so I can field them in tournaments.)

Oh, I have a couple things I am going to convert just because I don't want them to go to waist:

  • "Kodiak" APC - Converted DZC troop transports.  There were obtained for scale reference purposes but will end up serving my Rach.  Why?  The shape of the cockpit looks like something KODA would make, lol.
  • "Cicada" Assault Transport - Converted 'Rapture' from Studio Bergstrom  I have two of them and they're getting the rocket launchers from the Outlaw.  One I can get done now but will need to wait until the bits are available again to do the other, unless I want to give it a flame thrower instead.
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