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Stonehaven Gnome Wizard WIP Take two

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Here is the start of the second Stonehaven Gnome Wizard I am painting. After I finished my gnome I was asked by another gamer to paint one up for his character. Since I enjoyed painting up this tiny gnome the first time I look forward to painting him again.


I doubt it will be the last time as I still would like to do a very dark color scheme with a very strong osl flame with gray hair in the future for myself sometime. 


This time he will look much warmer with lots of browns and worn clothing.


I started doing a few mock ups of colors to see what he liked. Here is the ones I came up with. The first one which also was the first one decided against, as overall he had a cool color scheme that did not fit the personality of the character. 


Although the patchwork and freehand became a staple and will  be included on the finished miniature.


Then we narrowed it down to these.


At this point I preferred the brown and green with red hair combo, but the recipient liked the blonde hair better. So after some more refining this is what I am looking at as a solid starting point for when I receive the miniature.


Here is better look at the main colors.


The umbrel umber is a chocolate brown which will be highlighted with a orangish brown then a final highlight with a touch of blonde hair added in for the highest spots. It will be used on the hat and cloak.

The red stone will be used on his under robe and be shaded with a little purple.
I was thinking the molten bronze metallic for his ring and hair tie on his beard as it is a nice warm metallic that will show up nicely in the blonde hair.
The violet will be his gems brought up to white in the highest points and shaded down to a deep violet the high contrast will make them look like gems.
The aged bone is the one I am uncertain of it would be used for his pouch and possibly tie around his hat. It would be shaded with brown and brought up to a warm white. 
For the base I was thinking lots of mossy greens and browns with purple glazed in spots.  He will be based on a larger base than my gnome going on a 30mm round so I will have more room for creative basing.
I also intend to use pigments to give his cloak a worn dirty feel.
So what do you all think? Any suggestions or ideas welcome I will be getting the mini in the mail this week if all goes well. And hope to put paint on him soon thereafter once prepped of course and will try to put lots of progress shots up for everyone's input along the way.
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I like it!  I think the nice, warm browns will look very good together, and the violet gems should fit very nicely with his blonde hair.


Also, that's quite some dedication to the photo editor to make that many mock-ups of the color scheme!

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Since I hadn't said it sooner thank you Kuro for the comments on his color scheme, I quite appreciate it.


Not too much to look at but I did manage to put a brush to him tonight. I worked on his flesh and hair. I tried to take step by step pictures of his hair as I may do a hair tutorial soon and his beard would be a good example for blonde I think. But since I should be in bed already I will just leave you all with the last picture I took for now. 



If anyone wants me to post my hair steps with palette photo here let me know and I will tomorrow.


Overall I think he is on his way and the blonde hair was fun and I think will offset the browns nicely.

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My weekend so far has been busier than I had expected, so I haven't had the chance to post his hair steps or paint much for that matter. 


I have been trying to get better at painting hair and since I am experimenting a bit I thought it would be good to share. I will be trying to do a hair tutorial soon and appreciate feedback here so I can hopefully make the tutorial better.


Here was my palette all Reaper Master Series paints from darkest to lightest the colors are all Blackened brown, 1 drop Blackened brown:1/2 Blonde Shadow, 1:1 Blackened brown/Blonde Shadow, Blonde Shadow, 1:1 Blonde Shadow/Blonde hair, Blonde hair, 1:1 Blonde hair/Blonde highlight, Blonde highlight, 1:1 blonde highlight/pure white, 1 drop pure white/1/2 drop blonde highlight and finally just pure white.



While painting hair I generally start with the dark points and work my way up, rather than my normal style of midtone, shadow, highlight. For him I started with a my 2nd darkest color mix and applied it all over his hair, then I used my darkest Blackened brown and applied in the areas I wanted the darkest like under his hat around his staff and the underside by his feet.



Then I applied the blonde hair very broadly leaving just a bit of the shadows. Where I needed it to blend a bit better I used the mix of 1:1 blonde shadow and blackened brown to smooth it out. I don't blend hair as well as cloth but I like to have the mix there in case I have an area that appears too sharp.



Some of the photos look very similar but I wanted to try to capture each step after I painted  a layer. The next step was basically taking my blonde shadow and applying more of it in the areas that are going to begin my highlight then taking a bit of the 1:1 blonde shadow and blonde hair and layering it on.



The fourth step is really where is hair begins to read as blonde. Finally I have reached my midtone of blonde hair.



Then I begin the blonde highlight and really only use the mix of 1:1blonde hair/blonde highlight to smooth if needed.



At this point I try to tighten up my highlights working up the pinpoints of pure white in the areas that light would hit the most like the curve of his heard and mustache. Also the secondary curve after his hair tie and rework the midtone if needed to reclaim the blonde color. Which brings it up to his finished hair photo which I posted in my prior post. I did not glaze or use a wash at all on his hair. If I had wanted his hair to be a strawberry blonde I would apply a red glaze all over in two steps one a bit darker for the shadows and and second for the highlights working them wet together a bit. I would probably have to go back and apply the highest highlights after the glaze. If I had covered too much of the browns I could've used a wash to reclaim the dirty blonde look, but I did not feel he needed it. 


If I do a tutorial is this too much info not enough info what do you think?




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Even with the last two days being busy I managed to sit down for 30 mins to at least base coat his cloth. I don't know what color to use on his belt and pouches though. I was thinking a nice earthy brown for his belt but I am unsure. Any advise would be awesome.






Off to make lunch, run a few errands, then paint. Thank you all for your comments so far.

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Thanks so much for posting the step by step on the hair. It turned out great and I am going to totally (try to) steal from it. I especially love how you can really tell where the sun is hitting his hair. Also really liking the base for the hat and coat, can tell that is going to look real sharp.

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I like it! I think the nice, warm browns will look very good together, and the violet gems should fit very nicely with his blonde hair.


Also, that's quite some dedication to the photo editor to make that many mock-ups of the color scheme!

That's no photo editor; she actually painted paint on photographs. Nice job, by the way, and well done on the prep work and thinking it through. Edited by Pingo
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Pingo you are right paint on paper is the way I go, then I can keep it right beside my paint area and record colors used on the back with area for freehand practice and such. After I finish a mini I place this in my binder in case I ever want to reference it again.


Here is my newest update not much more to look at, I started blending with the shadows and highlights on his cloth, I still have more work to do but hey at least it is started right.I went ahead and base coated his belt Reaper's Earth brown but haven't done much else to it.






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That shading is really looking amazing. Also love the color combo you are going for here, it's kind of subtle but just looks really good together.

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