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Dice KS WTFery - Rhythm Metal Gaming Dice

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So, back in like February, I backed the Rhythm Metal Gaming Dice KS. Only about 20$... just enough to get the patent leather dice cup and a full set of metal dice.


Fulfillment was well on it's way, and then they just seemed to vanish about a month and a half ago.


Today, without warning, my stuff shows up. No update to tell us they were shipping, no advance notice, no replies to annoyed backers in the comments - just *poof!* dice.



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* checks if this is the creator's first KS *


* sees that it's the first creator's first (successful) KS *


:lol: nothing to see here move along :lol:

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Sorry to play Necromancer on this old thread, but I feel the need to vent, what with the last update back in January and still no dice for a ton of backers.


Apparently Darkness Sequel means "We'll keep you in the dark as long as we can, then do it again after a useless update"

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Wot srsly? I got my stuff and simply stopped checking - it was never a KS that interested me as a project, just a product, so I didn't really pay attention once I stopped getting updates... I only had the stretch goal stuff, none of the fancy dice, so maybe that's why? IDK - that sucks though...

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I was also only in it for stretch goal items. I'm a sucker for solid metal dice and I went in for two sets, pretty simple order, for something they did not need custom made. I have no idea what's taking these people so long to get this stuff out.

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