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I finished Guinevere the Queen from Thunderbolt Mountain a few days ago.

Thought I would post her here now.

This is a small mini, so I included a photo of a 28mm to let you see the scale.

I adore working on Tom Meier's works, his sculpting is amazing;

and he has this habit of putting a little surprise in his miniatures, that you discover

when you start washing the figures.  Once you start doing his stuff you get addicted real



I made the figure a bit darker since I was loosing her face in the photographs.

Photography is such a pain when they are this small !


So anyway, here is Guinevere the Queen.






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very nice I wish he would do more

He Does work for Dark Sword Miniatures.. He did the Frog King and Frog Queen that I painted and posted.


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One of the best parts of this series is that you have a fantastic challenge !

If you want to learn brush and color control, start painting these 25mm miniatures.

Make a slip, and you will see it all over you work.

I adore working on this scale .


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