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Shadowraven reworks a witch

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So, I did her for a Halloween contest last year, but I wasn't happy with her, and being the season again, I decided she needed a redo, with my somewhat improved skills. So I stripped her and started again. Because of her...limited choice of clothes, and the season, I've come to refer to this figure as the queen of Pumpkin Cheesecake in my own mind, hence the file name.



Primed and lined, and more or less sitting properly on her base. Going to add a few things to clean up the look when I finish her, so ignore the bit of tab sticking up. 



Heather blue slobbered on her main clothes. Just for a covering layer under the purple.




Even with the heather blue, it took a couple of layers to get the base of imperial purple. Lovely colour, but it suffers from poor coverage. The black however didn't. and only took a single thinned coat to cover in most places.

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Some more work. Probably be the last update for today.

Did some work on the eyes. One day I will figure out how the pros do it.


as for me, I had to break out the big...errr small guns for this



And lastly some rosy skin. Yes that's skin on the stockings, I am going to try a highlight +glaze technique I've seen to good effect to try make them look sheer, If it fails, well, they are black, easy fix.


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I can never seem to get NNN right. I always end up with just a few layers of a glaze over the fully shaded and highlighted flesh tone. Some of the NNN tutorials I've seen are just layers and layers of the flesh tone and stocking color mixed in various amounts.

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