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[Marvel Superheroes Play-by-Post] Big Darn Heroes: Recruitment/Introduction

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Fortunately, no one is picking powers. THE GODS OF FATE SHALL DECIDE!


If you're the type of person who would pick Water Breathing for any reason (other than for the irony of it): I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

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If your character is from anywhere other than Silver City, please feel free to flesh it out. For reference, Silver City is pretty much Utica, NY. At least, as far as location goes (mostly because I'm intimately familiar with the territory, and want to be as realistic as possible in my descriptions of things). Your characters can be from real places (NYC, Albany, Boston, etc.) but Silver City is only vaguely based on a real place.

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Wait, so - we don't get any say in our powers at all? I thought we had to roll for # and catagories, but otherwise got to pick our own? Or are we doing it differently?


If we get no say in it, I'd rather find out what mine will be and then build a character around that. Lots of cool options...

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Ah, my memory has failed me again. Yeah...roll category, pick power. My bad. (Don't pick Water Breathing.)


It's been a while since I've done a character. I've been concentrating on the Judge's Book to make sure I get the gamemastering stuff right. Karma, and FEATS, and Colors, OH MY!

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Speaking of Karma...Karma will be awarded weekly. Likely on Saturdays, but we'll see when the best time is for everyone after this finally kicks off. IF YOU DECIDE TO RUN A KARMA POOL (which I recommend because...reasons): You will need to decide among yourselves who will track it, and how to track it. It's not that difficult, this is the age of the internet...someone make a spreadsheet.


EDIT: Also, Reaper has some nice Superheroes in the Chronoscope line. Feel free to indulge yourselves and paint one up if you so choose. Not mandatory, of course, just for a bit of fun.


And choose a voice color. Regular NPCs voices will be standard forum text color, and important NPCs (like Miss Roosevelt) will be...chosen after all the active players have chosen a color. Don't want to take any options away from you...yet.


And once all the posting rules are set (when Karma will be awarded, who's voice is what color, etc) I'll add all that to the first post of this thread for easy reference.

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Big fan of the warm brown, but remember, that's just "Voice." Actions are still in "standard forum text color."

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What, so you mean Aquaman wasn't the most powerful member of the Justice League? 


I'll get a back-story together after work.  And I'll be going with the color... blue.

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Since you last remember? This version was published in '86, though there was the Basic Set that came out in '84 or '85...



We must have had the early Basic Set.  We played a few of the games that they produced but I spent quite a few days creating my own heroes so I remember a lot of it.  The main difference I noticed was that the ranks are no longer fixed at one number but are now a range.  





Type Zero was crafted in a black program by Sony at the bequest of the United States Army as a training drone for infantry.  While the truck transporting Type Zero was driving through Silver City on its way to the Silver Plains Armaments Testing Facility, it was hijacked.  Sgt. Wilkinson, riding in the back with the experimental cargo, activated the robot and the two of them quickly subdued the attackers.  


Afterwards, however, Type Zero refused to be shut down and displayed sentience that was unexpected.  In addition, the military was coming under fire for "unleashing" an experimental weapon in the middle of a city, and for owning a sentient being.  That is when Gina Roosevelt stepped in.  The local businesswoman offered to take responsibility for Type Zero by integrating him into her new Heroes, Inc. team, which and allowed the military to put a positive spin on the events.  In return, the military has access to any and all combat data produced.     


Sgt. Wilkinson was assigned as Type Zero's liaison for the military, and the two of them have formed a strong friendship.  The police have also asked to be kept in the loop, and Lt. O'Leary of the SCPD has spent a lot of time with Type Zero so they can monitor him.  Gina's computer wiz niece, Suzy, has also taken a shine to "Uncle Zero" and loves to help out with all the crime fighting  "fun".


Type Zero is a sleek android who's head appears to have a helmet with a black face shield.  The face shield is actually a display that he has tried to use to appear more human.  However he has settled on a simple circle display after several other designs had unintended effects.     


Stats are below.  I need to roll up the level of his powers still.


Fighting - Incredible (36)
Agility - Poor (3)
Strength - Remarkable (26)
Endurance - Remarkable (26)
Reason - Good (8)
Intuition - Remarkable (26)
Psyche - Good (8)      
Health - 91
Karma - 42
Resources - Good (8)
Popularity - 0      
Energy Sense (LIMITATION: Electricity only) - Amazing (46) (originally Poor)
-Can sense and track electricity with Amazing (46) power
Energy (Electrical) Touch  - Good (8)
-Can inflict Good (8) damage on the Energy column, with a bullseye being a stun.  Can reduce the damage or effects of the attack.
Extra Attacks  - Amazing (46) (default)
-Fights at Amazing (46) when making multiple attacks.  Failure reduces the attacks to 1, but no other penalty.
Electrical Manipulation - Remarkable (26)
-Resistant to electricity at Remarkable (26)
-Can absorb electricity at up to Good (8) level, allowing him an extra (8) Temporary HP
Force Field Generation (Personal) - Remarkable (26)  
-Absorbs Remarkable (26) energy damage
-Absorbs (16) physical damage
Military - +1CS to military matters
Martial Arts B - Fights at Amazing (46) when unarmed, or Monstrous (63) with Extra Attacks        
Computers - Niece Suzy
Law Enforcement - Lt. O'Leary 
Military - Sgt Wilkinson
EDIT:  Updated Powers.  Made things pretty.  Fixed some errors.  
EDIT 2: Fixed some MORE errors.  Did some other maintenance.
EDIT X:  More things.
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 driving through Silver City 

And therein lies your first mistake, SGT Wilkinson.


EDIT: Can you give me a description of the attackers? I'm still working on two out of the three gangs and need some color schemes. (Green/red is already taken. The Midtown Maulers were started by Mexicans, even though they're predominantly white now.)

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It was the officer's fault for choosing this particular route.  Sgt Wilkinson was protecting the cargo. Of course, the poor Sgt is the one who would be taking the full burnt of the blame if things didn't turn out well.  As it is, his current position is a bit of a "We don't want to promote you, but we can't quite get rid of you" spot.  


The MADmen (sic) are an eclectic group who seem to specialize in crazy weaponry, the more unique the better.  Their outfits tend to be leather and have lots of spikes, though no two outfits are the same.  Blue seems to be the reigning color among the gang.  The leader is a beefy, though not too bright, thug known as MAD (sic).  MAD seems to enjoy being in a melee, and has been known to eschew guns for a baseball bat or 2x4.  It is suspected that MAD has powers relating to cold, but the extent of those powers is unknown.  (Possible picture when I get home)



EDIT:  Rare, never before seen pictures of MAD


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I like it. A fourth gang moving in from out-of-town, with a Super in the lead. I can use that. mwahahamwahahahaMwaHaHaMWAHAHAHAHAA!!!




I'm sorry, did I get any of that evil on you?  :blush:

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That's ok.  You get another gang, I get to see my DC Universe Online character now get a second life as an XP source.  And I get to avoid work for 5 more minutes.  Everyone wins!

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OK, time to get this started.  Since I went random instead of modeled, I'll build a background that makes sense of what I rolled.  Before I do that though, I want to make sure I've understood the system correctly.  Hopefully my d100 rolls are matching up as they should with the tables.


Altered Human


F 96 - Incredible (Rank 36)
A 24 - Good (Rank 8)
S 28 - Good (Rank 8)
E 01 - Feeble (Rank 1) [Haven't got to the combat section yet, but that at least looks bad.  Further character development done under codename "glass cannon"]
R 51 - Excellent (Rank 16)
I 78 - Remarkable (Rank 26)
P 86 - Incredible (Rank 36)


* I get to boost one ability by one rank, but I'll wait until I've read more of the system.

Health: 53
Karma: 78

Resources 94 - Typical +3 = Remarkable

Powers/Talents/Contacts: 74/61/53 = 4/4, 3/4, 1/4

Powers: 45 - Body Control [A]
              59 - Distance Attack
              54 - Body Control [C]
              61 - Distance Attack (really, again?!) [D]

Power ranks: 48[A], 90, 98[C], 02[D] Excellent ::): , Incredible ::D: , Amazing :wub: , Feeble :down:


Time to do some more reading!


Edit: Ok, so if I'm reading this correctly, an endurance of 1 means that a character can move one area, and then must make a check that he'll probably fail.  Failure results in no longer moving. 


On a kill hit, he makes a roll he will probably fail, drop to shift 0, and then is dead (glass cannon indeed!)   Sound about right?


Edit 2: Reading some more, Body control has the "Raise Lowest Ability" option.  I can use that to raise his endurance so he can move (prof. x type characters are fine in stories, but not so much as PCs IMO); however, the last sentence of the description is "The hero may then choose his next Power from the complete list."  Does that mean everything, or just from the list of body control powers?

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      Batman was pretty amazing. It started off as your typical "imaginary story," with a fifty year old Batman, and from there, deconstructed the entire IDEA of Batman, turned it on its head. Very good stuff!

      Watchmen was even more amazing, starting with its artistic choices (the cover image was invariably the first AND last panel of the actual story) and following through with its bizarre, noirish deconstruction of everything superheroes stood for. Only one hero had powers, and he seemed like an example of why a society (and government) would never be able to tolerate a genuine superhuman. All the OTHER heroes? Only one is genuinely motivated by the idea of truth, justice, and righteousness; the others fight crime for a variety of reasons judging from sadism, sexual sadism, commercialism, fameseeking, cosplay... and sheer hatred. Author Alan Moore made a creepy point: in a real world, people who dress up in costumes to fight crime are going to be a rather ... odd bunch of people. Most of them won't be very nice.
      "Wow," I thot to myself. "This is the first comic I think I have ever read that really qualifies as literature." And then I got on with the rest of my life.

      Fastforward four years, and another friend of mine has got a job at a comic shop. The night Superman died, he asked me if I could come help out, in exchange for store credit; the Death Of Superman had made the news, and everyone was gonna buy fifty copies and save them for ten years, and then retire on the profits from the resale. Superman dies tonight!

      "You are large and bearded," he said. "Could you put on that jacket that makes you look like a biker, and come play security, just in case? We're not expecting trouble, but..."

      And so myself and several other thuglike presences formed a human barrier while the owner and my pal unbundled the comics and put them out for sale. Two copies to a customer. There was grumbling, but no trouble. And I spent a lot of time looking over various comic books with which I was unfamiliar. Apparently, super heroes carried guns, now. Guns, bigger than my torso. The artwork seemed sketchier than I remembered. And pouches; apparently capes were out, but ammo belts with many, MANY pouches were now mandatory. Whatever these heroes were using to fight crime, apparently, they needed a LOT of it, in single-serving sizes, even the ones who didn't carry guns.

      Since I wasn't a regular consumer of comics, I had missed the Dawning Of The Age Of Grimdark, aka the Dark Age Of Comics.

      In hindsight, the reason was obvious. The Dark Knight Returns had been grim and gritty, with dialogue like "There are seven working defenses from this position. Three of them disarm. Three of them kill. The other one... HURTS!" And a Batman who was filled with anger and rage and not QUITE willing to kill the Joker, but fully prepared to put him in traction, break legs and bones, and do whatever it took to restore order. And in the same story, Batman gains a mob of teenage imitators, who go so far as to maim a store clerk that they think "didn't put up enough of a fight" against a robber. The Russians launch a nuke, which blacks out Gotham and nearly kills Superman, who stops it from wiping out the city. Grimdark, indeed.
      Watchmen is similarly dark and violent; hell, the story BEGINS with someone throwing one of our heroes out a window, and ends with a slew of murders and a near apocalypse. 

      And these were the two most influential comics to come out of the eighties. It's no surprise that the trend after that was "Grim and gritty, to the point where there's not much difference between the good guys and the bad, as long as there's plenty of blood and gore and guts and veins in m'teeth, sarge, I wanna KILL... KILL... KILL..."

      And so all this leads up to a few years later when superheroes carry gigantic guns that look like Star Trek vacuum cleaners, many ammo pouches, have superhero names like Deathkillblood, and Superman is dead. Not long after, there was a market correction. Market saturation and waning interest on the part of the fans led to a shock in the comic book market. People quit buying. Some publishers went out of business. A LOT of comics went unsold. And on eBay, you can still buy a black bagged "Death Of Superman" comic for only slightly more than cover price, more than 25 years later.

      Two comics, made by very talented people, who had a reason to deconstruct, and an actual story to tell, had revitalized... and then gradually derailed... the entire comics industry.

      Which got me to thinking about the movies.

      I saw the movie version of Watchmen. It was among the first of the current wave of superhero movies, if I recall. And it was among the first to get that grim, gritty, grimdark feel. I walked out thinking, "Well, that Zach Snyder guy got the overall LOOK right, but somehow, I think he missed what the author was trying to SAY."

      And while the Marvel movies drew audiences and made big big box office, whoever was in charge at Time Warner said, "Hey, this Zach Snyder guy seems to 'get' superheroes. Let's put him in charge of all OUR superhero movies, so we, too, can draw audiences and make big box office."

      And Man Of Steel was... well, it wasn't a Superman movie, despite the presence of a guy dressed in a rather dark colored Superman suit. And Batman Vs. Superman just freakin' creeped me out. These were not superheroes; these were simply people strong and ruthless enough to force their will on others, and the little people should damn well stay out of their way if they know what's good for them. I haven't seen Justice League yet, but I had come to a decision: the characters on all the CW superhero TV shows were far closer to the comics I grew up with than the violent, ruthless, arrogant man-gods of these dark, unpleasant movies.

      Watchmen was the finest comic event in years... but it shook comics, and ultimately, its imitators badly damaged the entire industry. And crazily enough, the movie based on it had the same effect on the comic book movies made by the same company.

      Alan Moore went on record as saying he felt that DC/Time/Warner had ripped him off, and that he would never work for them again, after Watchmen. Wonder if he's realized that his revenge was practically built into the process?


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