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[Marvel Superheroes Play-by-Post] Big Darn Heroes: Recruitment/Introduction

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And we're full. I'll PM Kit as soon as I get all the character backgrounds.


Anyone joining after this post goes into the queue.

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I was going to update my previous character post, but since it has questions that were answered later in the thread I've decided to start with a clean slate.


Ethan - Altered Human


Secret ID - Aegis


F - Amazing (Rank 46)
A - Good (Rank 8)
S - Good (Rank 8)
E - Excellent (Rank 21)
R - Excellent (Rank 16)
I  - Remarkable (Rank 26)
P - Incredible (Rank 36)

Health: 83
Karma: 78

Resources: Remarkable (Rank 26)
Popularity: (5)/(5)

Powers: Raise Lowest Ability (E+20)
    Telepathy - Incredible (Rank 36)

                     Stunt - Mind Link
    Body Transformation Self - Amazing (Rank 46)
    Sound Generation - Feeble (Rank 1)

Talents: Acrobatics
             Weapons Master

Contacts: Dr. Stevans (Ethan)


Equipment: Tonfa (club stats)

                   Stun Pistol

                   Power Pack [Pistol] x 3



Ethan was born with a weak constitution and unable to even play with other children his age.  He spent his time reading and staring out the window, wishing he could move around freely like other people seemed to do.  Fortunately for Ethan, his familiy was well off so he lacked for little even with his disability.  

As he grew older, his father, Hayden, became determined that no son of his would be so weak.  Hayden rubbed elbows with some of Silver City's elites and secretly managed to get Ethan enrolled in a trial to recreate the famed super serum.   While the serum failed to work for most of the test subjects, some quirk of Ethan's makeup resulted in a sucess.  He became healthier with every given day.  Hayden was overjoyed.  

The serum project was run by a Dr. Stevans. Dr. Stevans monitored Ethan's progress but so far has been unable to determine why the serum only worked once.  He keeps an eye on Ethan and checks to make sure no abnormalities have developed.  Overall he is friendly, but can get lost in his own world.  So far, he is unaware that Ethan has developed into something more than an exceptionally healthy human.

Now healthy, Ethan was able to attend school and truly see the city for the first time.  It was sadly quite different from what he had imagined.  With youthful exuberance, he resolved to do something about it.  

In spite of his vastly improved condition, Ethan was smart enough to know that he still wasn't all that special physically.  He could go toe to toe with the average joe, but even though he could probably land a hit on the superheroes he'd seen on television, in his estimation they probably wouldn't even feel it.  He decided to compensate for this by secretly learning how use weapons, and due to his altered physique was able to pick it up unusually quickly.

Now a commuter student at one of the local universities, Ethan is dissatisfied with how far his city has fallen.  He has decided to approach Heroes Inc under the secret identity of "" and find out what is being done to fix it.


Edit 1: So many good choices, but I went with body transformation.  It's a two slot power so it eliminates my distance attack roll.  I'll have to pick up a stun gun or something.  Speaking of which...


Question: How do we determine starting equipment?


Edit 2: Added background, now I just need to think up a superhero name.

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Answer: Heroes, Inc. will be equipping you. Heroes, Inc. has Incredible (40) Resources. If you want something, make the appropriate FEAT rolls.


Also, I've updated the first post with the info I currently have on file.

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Question: For Force Field, it says a personal force field grants +1 CS.  Does that mean that (A) I can just raise it one rank for all purposes (blocking 26 damage instead of 16 damage), or (B) that for any time I have to roll against it, I roll using the Remarkable column, but it only blocks 16 pts of damage?


Question 2:  Is Ms Roosevelt furnishing the apartment to her liking or asking us to do it for her?  Or is it irrelevant currently?


Question 3:  Likewise, should we get a vehicle to fight crime with?  

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Answer: The +1CS means that you raise your Power Rank by 1 for personal force fields.


Answer 2: The living quarters are basically military-style bunks in an even less-used corner of said warehouse.


Answer 3: No, you'll have transportation when you need it.

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Oh shoot, I knew I'd be to slow ;^) all filled up. I'd be happy to go to the queue since it will probably be Wed. before I can really dig into the rules/character creation. Ima follow along anyway :-)

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Question 1: The resources section states "if a resource rank is three ranks lower, the purchase is automatic."  Are we following this or do we need to actually roll for easily obtained items?


Question 2: The melee weapons list is rather sparse.  Can we reskin items to fit the chart?  For example, say my character carries a tonfa and use the "club" line for game mechanics info.


Question 3: I am creating a backup character, just in case.  For high technology body armor it says to roll on column 6, but I only see 1-5.  Is it referring to the ability modification table?  That would make sense given how it's written, but I may be missing an actual column 6 somewhere.

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I'll have my full character up by tomorrow. I had my grandfather's 90th today & didn't get a chance to do it up...

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Oh shoot, I knew I'd be to slow ;^) all filled up. I'd be happy to go to the queue since it will probably be Wed. before I can really dig into the rules/character creation. Ima follow along anyway :-)

Obviously you haven't read the first post, as you are in the "active players" list.


@Auberon: Yes and Yes, for sure. I don't have the book in front of me, but for #3, I'm pretty sure you've got the right of it.

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Cool, my main character is pretty well finished then except for the name.


Following from question 3, I've already generated his battle-suit.  Now, do these bonuses to physical abilities mean his hit points are recalculated while in the suit?  It doesn't say to but I can see it both ways.  On one hand, he's tougher in the suit which would be represented by more HP.  On the other, the suits ability to soak damage far exceeds his normal hp so it already does a good job of making Iron Man tougher than Tony.

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IIRC, the suit has hit points of its own, but again, I'll have to check on it in the book. I recall reading something about that in the judge's book.

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So, how do these powers work? I rolled a 91 for the first number, so do I get 4 or 5 (is it inclusive or not?) and then... what? I roll 1d100 4 (or 5?) times to see what class of power I have, and then choose a power, and then roll to see how strong it is? And if I get, say, Defensive, I can spend two powers and get Immortality? (Which I think is very thematic with the whole Phoenix thing... of course, it does limit my ability to make a badass Heroic Sacrifice and reroll. Hm...)


(Edit) I think it means 5... Assuming I understand this, my rolls are thus (read from bottom up)










I'm thinking... Immortality, skip this (as per the instructions), fire generation, fire manipulation, and flight? Fairly uninteresting set, I know, but eh, it fits the theme. Wish I had gotten a mental power or something... telekinesis or something would be awesome... but this batch is alright. I might swap out flight for wall-crawling, IDK - I was thinking of calling my guy Salamander, and that might fit better? But flight is cool too...

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      So back in 1986, I knew this guy who was BIG into comics. He introduced me to independent comics, which I barely knew existed (stuff like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the hilarious Dr. Radium), but he also turned me on to two other very influential comics: Watchmen, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
      Batman was pretty amazing. It started off as your typical "imaginary story," with a fifty year old Batman, and from there, deconstructed the entire IDEA of Batman, turned it on its head. Very good stuff!

      Watchmen was even more amazing, starting with its artistic choices (the cover image was invariably the first AND last panel of the actual story) and following through with its bizarre, noirish deconstruction of everything superheroes stood for. Only one hero had powers, and he seemed like an example of why a society (and government) would never be able to tolerate a genuine superhuman. All the OTHER heroes? Only one is genuinely motivated by the idea of truth, justice, and righteousness; the others fight crime for a variety of reasons judging from sadism, sexual sadism, commercialism, fameseeking, cosplay... and sheer hatred. Author Alan Moore made a creepy point: in a real world, people who dress up in costumes to fight crime are going to be a rather ... odd bunch of people. Most of them won't be very nice.
      "Wow," I thot to myself. "This is the first comic I think I have ever read that really qualifies as literature." And then I got on with the rest of my life.

      Fastforward four years, and another friend of mine has got a job at a comic shop. The night Superman died, he asked me if I could come help out, in exchange for store credit; the Death Of Superman had made the news, and everyone was gonna buy fifty copies and save them for ten years, and then retire on the profits from the resale. Superman dies tonight!

      "You are large and bearded," he said. "Could you put on that jacket that makes you look like a biker, and come play security, just in case? We're not expecting trouble, but..."

      And so myself and several other thuglike presences formed a human barrier while the owner and my pal unbundled the comics and put them out for sale. Two copies to a customer. There was grumbling, but no trouble. And I spent a lot of time looking over various comic books with which I was unfamiliar. Apparently, super heroes carried guns, now. Guns, bigger than my torso. The artwork seemed sketchier than I remembered. And pouches; apparently capes were out, but ammo belts with many, MANY pouches were now mandatory. Whatever these heroes were using to fight crime, apparently, they needed a LOT of it, in single-serving sizes, even the ones who didn't carry guns.

      Since I wasn't a regular consumer of comics, I had missed the Dawning Of The Age Of Grimdark, aka the Dark Age Of Comics.

      In hindsight, the reason was obvious. The Dark Knight Returns had been grim and gritty, with dialogue like "There are seven working defenses from this position. Three of them disarm. Three of them kill. The other one... HURTS!" And a Batman who was filled with anger and rage and not QUITE willing to kill the Joker, but fully prepared to put him in traction, break legs and bones, and do whatever it took to restore order. And in the same story, Batman gains a mob of teenage imitators, who go so far as to maim a store clerk that they think "didn't put up enough of a fight" against a robber. The Russians launch a nuke, which blacks out Gotham and nearly kills Superman, who stops it from wiping out the city. Grimdark, indeed.
      Watchmen is similarly dark and violent; hell, the story BEGINS with someone throwing one of our heroes out a window, and ends with a slew of murders and a near apocalypse. 

      And these were the two most influential comics to come out of the eighties. It's no surprise that the trend after that was "Grim and gritty, to the point where there's not much difference between the good guys and the bad, as long as there's plenty of blood and gore and guts and veins in m'teeth, sarge, I wanna KILL... KILL... KILL..."

      And so all this leads up to a few years later when superheroes carry gigantic guns that look like Star Trek vacuum cleaners, many ammo pouches, have superhero names like Deathkillblood, and Superman is dead. Not long after, there was a market correction. Market saturation and waning interest on the part of the fans led to a shock in the comic book market. People quit buying. Some publishers went out of business. A LOT of comics went unsold. And on eBay, you can still buy a black bagged "Death Of Superman" comic for only slightly more than cover price, more than 25 years later.

      Two comics, made by very talented people, who had a reason to deconstruct, and an actual story to tell, had revitalized... and then gradually derailed... the entire comics industry.

      Which got me to thinking about the movies.

      I saw the movie version of Watchmen. It was among the first of the current wave of superhero movies, if I recall. And it was among the first to get that grim, gritty, grimdark feel. I walked out thinking, "Well, that Zach Snyder guy got the overall LOOK right, but somehow, I think he missed what the author was trying to SAY."

      And while the Marvel movies drew audiences and made big big box office, whoever was in charge at Time Warner said, "Hey, this Zach Snyder guy seems to 'get' superheroes. Let's put him in charge of all OUR superhero movies, so we, too, can draw audiences and make big box office."

      And Man Of Steel was... well, it wasn't a Superman movie, despite the presence of a guy dressed in a rather dark colored Superman suit. And Batman Vs. Superman just freakin' creeped me out. These were not superheroes; these were simply people strong and ruthless enough to force their will on others, and the little people should damn well stay out of their way if they know what's good for them. I haven't seen Justice League yet, but I had come to a decision: the characters on all the CW superhero TV shows were far closer to the comics I grew up with than the violent, ruthless, arrogant man-gods of these dark, unpleasant movies.

      Watchmen was the finest comic event in years... but it shook comics, and ultimately, its imitators badly damaged the entire industry. And crazily enough, the movie based on it had the same effect on the comic book movies made by the same company.

      Alan Moore went on record as saying he felt that DC/Time/Warner had ripped him off, and that he would never work for them again, after Watchmen. Wonder if he's realized that his revenge was practically built into the process?


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