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[Marvel Superheroes Play-by-Post] Big Darn Heroes: Recruitment/Introduction

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"So, you wanna be a superhero? Well, let me tell you something, kid, superheroes are a dying breed here. The Mastermind sees to that. Someone has to stop him, and even our best and brightest have died trying. What, you think you can succeed where the rest have failed? You've got guts, kid, I'll give you that. I'd hate to see 'em splattered all over the street."

That was a week ago, and he's dead now. He was the last. There is no one else, it is all up to you now. You're all this city has left, and you're nothing more than a half-trained bunch of rookies. You don't even know how to work, let alone work together. But the city needs you. Will you be the answer to its prayers?


Big Darn Heroes is a campaign based on TSR's Marvel Superheroes (now out of print). It's going to be a little more cinematic, and a little less reliant on die rolling. It is intended for 4-6 players.

Here's how it's going to work (and you're going to need percentile dice for this bit):

Step 1: Choose an Archetype (yes, there can more than one character with any given Archetype, and yes I am letting you choose). The available Archetypes (with examples) are: Alien (Beta-Ray Bill, Silver Surfer), Altered Human (Captain America, Spider Man), High-Tech (Black Panther, Iron Man), Mutant (Cyclops, Wolverine), and Robot (Adam Warlock, Vision).
Step 2: Generate attributes. The basic attributes are FASERIP, for those familiar with the system. Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, and Psyche. Secondary attributes are Health, Karma, Resources, and Popularity.
Step 3: Generate special abilities. The special abilities are Powers, Talents, and Contacts.
Step 4: Fill in the blanks. Name, background, etc. Details are good. A 15-page thesis is not.

Become familiar with the system, as the (little bit of) die rolling will be consistent with the game. On that note...THE HONOR SYSTEM APPLIES any time I ask a player to make a die roll (which should be few and far between).

Please be patient with me, this is my first play-by-post gamemastering attempt. I will post pretty regularly, and will let you know in advance when I won't be able to post for extended periods.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

Player limit has been reached. If you are still interested, feel free to PM me and I'll put you in the queue. If you're in the queue, don't run off, I'll have jobs for you. (Plus you'll need to know when a character is irrevocably removed from the game, so you can jump in.)

Current Players:

  • Auberon (Aegis [Ethan])
  • Unit04 (Type Zero)
  • Aard_Rinn (Salamander [Lee Waits])
  • Ludo (Mace Ember)
  • Dilvish the Deliverer (Cambion)
  • Qwyksilver (Ghost)
  • SparksMurphey (Slingshot)
  • NightyKnight (The Surgeon)

Current Queue:



The Setting:

"Broad, quiet, shady boulevards lined with birch trees." That used to be how people described Silver City.

Broad boulevards have given way to narrow streets lined with towering skyscrapers, high-rise apartment complexes, cluttered shopping malls, and the accompanying dark alleyways. PTA meetings have been replaced with AA and NA meetings. Pleasant neighborhoods are now run-down slums, with prostitutes on every other corner. Once, people used to stop in Silver City in the autumn to watch the leaves turn. Now, people drive hours out of their way to avoid it.

Gang violence runs rampant, and the three major gangs have their run of the city. The police are near-powerless...if not corrupt. From north to south the gangs are: The Frontrunners covering 1st Street through 52nd Street, The Midtown Maulers who claim 60th Street all the way to 100th Street, and The Southside Stalkers claim 103rd Street through 120th Street.

This is the home of The Mastermind, as notorious a hero-killer as there ever was. Even the League of Law, the Silver Sentinel, Captain Power, and the alien known only as Vaxx have fallen before him. The most powerful heroes in the world are either dead, crippled, or serving life sentences for crimes they most likely didn't commit.

Into the midst of this steps the entrepreneur Gina Roosevelt, and Heroes, Inc. A smart, classy, and not unattractive businesswoman, Gina knows that Silver City can get better. Must get better. Make no mistake, she's no philanthropist. She is a businesswoman, pure and simple, and a clean, crime-free city is good for business. And good business is her bottom line. Heroes, Inc. operates out of one of Gina's less-used warehouses outside of Silver City. Gina supplies the money and the tech, you supply the bodies and willpower. Lately, it's been more of the former, and less of the latter.

The Rules of Posting:

  • Subscribe to the thread, and post when you can. Let me know when you're going to be unable to post for long periods (more than two days, or so), and I'll do the same for you.
  • Please try to check in at least once on the weekends, as I'll be handing out 'session' Karma. I'll probably be handing it out on Saturdays, unless we're in the middle of a combat sequence or something that can't be interrupted.
  • Please keep the chatter in here.
  • Nominate a 'speaker,' and for group actions, and actions each combat round, discuss them in here. When you're finished discussing them, the speaker will make one post for all of you, so make sure the wording is absolutely correct before the speaker posts.
  • Remember to speak in 'voice.'
  • If you have a long post to make, initially post "bookmark," "placeholder," or something along those lines. Then edit that post. Remember, actions will take place in time-stamp order (unless it's during combat, when they take place in initiative order).
  • I will make all the rolls, except for special situations and during character generation. For all rolls made by players, the honor system is in effect. If I can prove that you are cheating (which I don't believe any of you will), you will be penalized for the first instance, and thrown out of the game for the second.
  • If you decide to run a Karma Pool, choose someone to manage it, it's all on you.
  • REMEMBER, DEATH IS PRETTY PERMANENT. Unless you're a Robot, have some pretty powerful regeneration, or are effectively immortal, death is a permanent thing. Don't get upset if you die, you've all read what's been happening to the world's most powerful heroes, and there are likely going to be fatalities. I will not mitigate them, if the dice decree that your character dies, well, there are ways to come back. You just might not like them.


The Characters:


Altered Human

Secret ID - Ethan

F - Amazing (Rank 46)
A - Good (Rank 8)
S - Good (Rank 8)
E - Excellent (Rank 21)
R - Excellent (Rank 16)
I - Remarkable (Rank 26)
P - Incredible (Rank 36)

Health: 83
Karma: 78

Resources: Remarkable (Rank 26)
Popularity: (5)/(5)

Powers: Raise Lowest Ability (E+20)
Telepathy - Incredible (Rank 36)
Stunt - Mind Link
Body Transformation Self - Amazing (Rank 46)

Talents: Acrobatics
Weapons Master

Contacts: Dr. Stevans (Ethan)

Equipment: Tonfa (club stats)
Stun Pistol
Power Pack [Pistol] x 3

Ethan was born with a weak constitution and unable to even play with other children his age. He spent his time reading and staring out the window, wishing he could move around freely like other people seemed to do. Fortunately for Ethan, his familiy was well off so he lacked for little even with his disability.

As he grew older, his father, Hayden, became determined that no son of his would be so weak. Hayden rubbed elbows with some of Silver City's elites and secretly managed to get Ethan enrolled in a trial to recreate the famed super serum. While the serum failed to work for most of the test subjects, some quirk of Ethan's makeup resulted in a sucess. He became healthier with every given day. Hayden was overjoyed.

The serum project was run by a Dr. Stevans. Dr. Stevans monitored Ethan's progress but so far has been unable to determine why the serum only worked once. He keeps an eye on Ethan and checks to make sure no abnormalities have developed. Overall he is friendly, but can get lost in his own world. So far, he is unaware that Ethan has developed into something more than an exceptionally healthy human.

Now healthy, Ethan was able to attend school and truly see the city for the first time. It was sadly quite different from what he had imagined. With youthful exuberance, he resolved to do something about it.

In spite of his vastly improved condition, Ethan was smart enough to know that he still wasn't all that special physically. He could go toe to toe with the average joe, but even though he could probably land a hit on the superheroes he'd seen on television, in his estimation they probably wouldn't even feel it. He decided to compensate for this by secretly learning how use weapons, and due to his altered physique was able to pick it up unusually quickly.

Now a commuter student at one of the local universities, Ethan is dissatisfied with how far his city has fallen. He has decided to approach Heroes Inc under the secret identity of "" and find out what is being done to fix it.



Type Zero was crafted in a black program by Sony at the bequest of the United States Army as a training drone for infantry. While the truck transporting Type Zero was driving through Silver City on its way to the Silver Plains Armaments Testing Facility, it was hijacked. Sgt. Wilkinson, riding in the back with the experimental cargo, activated the robot and the two of them quickly subdued the attackers.

Afterwards, however, Type Zero refused to be shut down and displayed sentience that was unexpected. In addition, the military was coming under fire for "unleashing" an experimental weapon in the middle of a city, and for owning a sentient being. That is when Gina Roosevelt stepped in. The local businesswoman offered to take responsibility for Type Zero by integrating him into her new Heroes, Inc. team, which and allowed the military to put a positive spin on the events. In return, the military has access to any and all combat data produced.

Sgt. Wilkinson was assigned as Type Zero's liaison for the military, and the two of them have formed a strong friendship. The police have also asked to be kept in the loop, and Lt. O'Leary of the SCPD has spent a lot of time with Type Zero so they can monitor him. Gina's computer wiz niece, Suzy, has also taken a shine to "Uncle Zero" and loves to help out with all the crime fighting "fun".

Type Zero is a sleek android who's head appears to have a helmet with a black face shield. The face shield is actually a display that he has tried to use to appear more human. However he has settled on a simple circle display after several other designs had unintended effects.

It was the officer's fault for choosing this particular route. Sgt Wilkinson was protecting the cargo. Of course, the poor Sgt is the one who would be taking the full burnt of the blame if things didn't turn out well. As it is, his current position is a bit of a "We don't want to promote you, but we can't quite get rid of you" spot.

The MADmen (sic) are an eclectic group who seem to specialize in crazy weaponry, the more unique the better. Their outfits tend to be leather and have lots of spikes, though no two outfits are the same. Blue seems to be the reigning color among the gang. The leader is a beefy, though not too bright, thug known as MAD (sic). MAD seems to enjoy being in a melee, and has been known to eschew guns for a baseball bat or 2x4. It is suspected that MAD has powers relating to cold, but the extent of those powers is unknown.

Fighting - Incredible (36)
Agility - Poor (3)
Strength - Remarkable (26)
Endurance - Remarkable (26)
Reason - Good (8)
Intuition - Remarkable (26)
Psyche - Good (8)

Health - 91
Karma - 42
Resources - Good (8)
Popularity - 0

Energy Sense (LIMITATION: Electricity only) - Amazing (46) (originally Poor)
-Can sense and track electricity with Amazing (46) power
Energy (Electrical) Touch - Good (8)
-Can inflict Good (8) damage on the Energy column, with a bullseye being a stun. Can reduce the damage or effects of the attack.
Extra Attacks - Amazing (46) (default)
-Fights at Amazing (46) when making multiple attacks. Failure reduces the attacks to 1, but no other penalty.
Electrical Manipulation - Remarkable (26)
-Resistant to electricity at Remarkable (26)
-Can absorb electricity at up to Good (8) level, allowing him an extra (8) Temporary HP
Force Field Generation (Personal) - Remarkable (26)
-Absorbs Remarkable (26) energy damage
-Absorbs (16) physical damage

Military - +1CS to military matters
Martial Arts B - +1CS for unarmed fighting

Computers - Niece Suzy
Law Enforcement - Lt. O'Leary
Military - Sgt Wilkinson


ID - Lee "Lili" Waits

Lee Waits was sixteen when he and his girlfriend Arianna spied two brilliant meteors while out stargazing. The pair rushed towards the crash site, and upon reaching the craters, they encountered the elementals known as the “Phoenix†and the “Kirinâ€, interstellar wanderers responsible for controlling the Entropic and Syntropic forces of the universe. Though they settled for mere moments on the earth, their very presence destroying the ground on which they stood, the two gods chose to grant the mortals in their presence great power – as “anchors†for their corner of the universe, embodiments of chaos and order that would allow the gods to return to their travels and attending the vast span of the universe.

The gods departed, fire and ice and wind and thunder, and left the two there, alone. For the first few months, they trained together, jubilant in their new powers – Lili in his new-found flight and the fire that now burned in his veins, and Arianna in the ice that slipped from her fingers and the lightning that sang to her across the plains.

And then, six months later, Arianna was gone.

She left without a trace, and no one noticed her leaving; one day, she was there, and the next, she'd simply left – no note to her beloved, no message left in the howling winds to her power's other half. Lee looked for her, of course he did – her loss ripped at him, ripped at his mind, tore at his sanity, and Entropy roared loud in his ears, uncontrolled and unchallenged, and so he searched. But he found nothing, and bound his powers tight around him, and pretended he was only human. When he didn't call the fire, claim the sky? The voice was quieter, then.

He lived like that for three years - until he saw the picture. A girl, on the TV, 5'9†and silver-haired and gleaming with ice and the crackle of sparks. He, too, left then – to follow her, and find her... It's been three years since Lee last saw Arianna... Now, in Silver City, he's finally found hope.

Mace Ember

Altered Human

F (89) Incredible 36
A (85) Incredible 36
S (32) Good 8
E (51) Excellent 16
R (21) Good 8
I (60) Excellent 16
P (21) Good 8 (Used Altered trait to up a level) Excellent 16

Health- 96
Karma- 40
Resources- (75) Excellent 16

(88) Powers 4/4
(18) Matter Control: Fire Control (87) Incredible
(77) Body Alterations / Offensive: Corrosive Touch (17) Typical
(90) Body Alterations / Offensive: Extra Attacks (56) Excellent (Increased to Amazing per power description)
(13) Movement: Leaping (6) Poor

Limitation: Can only use Leap power when yodeling.

(65) Talents 3/4
(75) Physics
(53) Profession - Pilot
(08) Oriental Weapons

(27) Contacts 1/4
SGT Wilkinson was Mace's military liaison during some experimental upper atmosphere flights. During one of the flights there was an unexpected solar flare. All contact with Mace's craft were lost. Mace was found a week later wandering the desert with no apparent memory of the time during or after the flight. SGT Wilkinson was transferred to escort detail while the incident underwent investigation.

Additional info:
Aside from being an experimental pilot, Mace Ember enjoys most of the typical thrill seeking activities. He is also an accomplished nun-chuck practitioner. In his travels for his martial arts studies he was granted the knowledge of an ancient chant that allows him to jump great distances.

Dark Magik

Secret Identity Miranda Sinclair

Alterd Human

F 85 Incredible (36)

A 25 Good (8) trait raised (16) Excellent

S 79 Remarkable (26)

E 65 Remarkable (26)

R 86 Incredible (36)

I 14 Typical (5)

P 46 Excellent (16)

Health- 96
Karma- 57
Resources- 5
Popularity- 5

Power- 5/5 (100)

Distance- Dark Force Generation (64) Remarkable
Stunning Missle (12) Typical

Energy Control- Dark Force Manipulation (95) Amazing

Body Alterations- Blinding Touch (52) Remarkable
Solar Regeneration (11) Typical

Talents 1/6 (11)

Sleight of Hand

Contacts 0/4 (15)

Place: Horizon Labs (Manhattan NY) Time: 6 Months ago

Research Assistant Miranda Sinclair- Antimatter Propulsion Systems
Miranda always figured harnessing antimatter from the Negative Zone, could create something positive. So when she was offered an assistant job studying just that, she jumped at the chance. Sure, her days were filled with piles of paperwork, computer screens streaming with data, crappy hours, little recognition and very bad coffee but she was part of something big. Something life changing, something that could change the world. To be honest, she told herself, she preferred the background. Then it happened, another late night, like any other, then a flash followed by the dark. When she woke, she was somewhere unknown, strange. She thought of home and she was there standing in her living room as if she was there all along. Sick, scared and shaking she looked around her, everything seemed normal. What the hell just happened? she thought, sinking to the floor. She passed out. When she woke...well that's when the real fun started. Too afraid to think straight she fled, back to the known and the comfortable, her home town Silver City.
Time: The Present
Miranda has had a few months with her new found powers. They are more controlled, but still damn scary. Still, something good should come from it all. While she's waiting for that something, she figures she'll just work on her card tricks.


F (46) Excellent 16
A (37) Good 8
S (93) Amazing 46
E (90) Amazing 46
R (40) Good 8
I (22) Typical 5
P (35) Good 8

Health- 116
Karma- 21
Resources- Poor

(99) Powers 5/5 (modified to 4/4 due to alien)
21 Talents 2/6

(81) Body Alterations Offensive Health Drain Touch (02) Feeble
(86) Body alterations Offensive Health Drain touch
(59) Distance attacks Fire Generation Generation (14) Typical
(85) Body /alterations Offensive- Extra Attacks (46) Excellent (Increased to remarkable per power description)

(04) Guns
(48) Profession - Pilot

Cambion's people hail from an unidentified dimension. They were a peaceful people until the dimension hopping conquerors know only as the Masters arrived. . The Master's enslaved his race and forced them to serve as soldiers in their conquests. Some of these slave soldiers were experimented on and developed powers and enhanced abilities. Cambion was one of these. He was trained to pilot one of the Master's dimension hopping assault craft.
During an assault on another of the Master's enemies, his craft took damage and went through a series of random dimensional shifts. His vessel crash landed outside Silver City and he was the only survivor.
Cambion looks vaguely human with demonic traits. His skin is ashen grey with dark orange eyes. His teeth and fingernails are pointed, and his hair short and spiky. He has only recently learned English and uses broken syntax.





Backstory:  Beat cop that had swiftly risen to Detective.  Had an uncanny ability to get perps to confess with even the slightest pressure.  Unconsciously using the Fear power.  During a shoot out, he unconsciously phased to survive the hail of bullets.  His partner and a civilian took the bullets and were killed.  Witnessed reported the bullets passing through him.  He was outed as a Mutant.  Wracked by guilt, and facing the inevitable persecution and discrimination, he resigned in shame.  But he was still a cop and still believed in justice.  Now he does the work the police can't do.  And he doesn't need to worry about procedures and warrants.  He ostensibly works as a PI to pay the bills., and maintains a few connections with a couple guys on the force.  Real friends, that wouldn't turn their back on him.  He's going to help clean up this city, or die trying.  But now he's a ghost, because of his gifts he's practically dead to the world.  He's learned to control his gifts.  Doors can't be locked against him.  And you'll never see him coming.  There's always a mist or fog seeming to linger in the air.  If you do see him, the hairs on the back of your neck will rise, and you will feel fear.  You'll be jumping at shadows.  You'll hear footsteps from behind you and turn, but no one will be there.  People used to say there was no such thing as ghosts, but Ghost is real.



Hero’s Name:       Ghost                                     Group Affiliation: Heroes, Inc

Hero’s Identity:                                                Age: 25       Origin: Mutant


Primary Abilities:                                               Secondary Abilities:

Fighting (92)        Incredible     36                        Health (F+A+S+E):  134

Agility(88)            Incredible     36

Strength (52)        Excellent      16                        Karma (R+I+P): 70

Endurance (85)    Amazing       46

Reason (37)          Excellent      16                        Resources: Good – 8

Intuition (97)         Amazing       46                       Popularity: 0

Psyche (31)           Good           8


Special Abilities:

Powers: (4/4) +1 Power (Mutant)  

  • Energy Control (Sound Manipulation) – Excellent
  • Body Control (Phasing) – Incredible
  • Matter Control (Weather Control) – Good
  • Mental Powers (Emotion Control – Respect/Fear) – Remarkable

Talents: (4/4)

  • Professional Skills – Detective/Espionage
  • Professional Skills – Law Enforcement
  • Fighting Skills – Acrobatics
  • Mystic and Mental Skills â€“ Occult Lore

Contacts: (1/4) +1 Detective; -1 Mutant



Character Name: Slingshot (or, as the tabloids would have it "Gravity Girl")

Player Name: Sparks Murphey
Identity: Elizabeth Ehmann
Group: Heroes, Inc.
Base: Silver City

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Weight: 162 pounds
Height: 5'5"
Skin: Bronzed

Archetype: Mutant

Fighting: Incredible (36)
Agility: Excellent (16)
Strength: Incredible (36)
Endurance: Amazing (46)
Reason: Excellent (16)
Intuition: Excellent (16)
Psyche: Remarkable (26)

Popularity: -5 (Slingshot)/0 (Elizabeth Ehmann)
Resources: Good (8)

Health: 134
Karma: 58

Powers (4/4):
Gravity Manipulation: Incredible (36)
-Power Stunt: Excellent Flight
Paralyzing Touch: Remarkable (26)
Gravitic Detection: Typical (5) 
Extra Attacks: Amazing (46)

Talents (2/5):
Thrown Weapons

Contacts (1/4):
Dr Richard Prather - Chemist (as Slingshot only)

Background: Straight out of college with a degree in physics, Elizabeth joined Panaural Telecommunications as a research assistant. Panaural were developing new communications technologies and it was through this that Elizabeth gained her powers. No, not through a lab experiment gone horribly wrong, though accident was certainly involved. While working on a broadcast tower in remote Arizona, she fell. As the ground rushed towards her, the innate mutant power she was born with manifested for the first time, halting her descent mere inches from the ground. As Elizabeth checked herself over, she discovered the flip side to that: the gravitational force she had countered was not destroyed, but merely left charged up, waiting for her to touch something and discharge it. The resultant dump of a substantial amount of gravitational energy knocked her out.

When she came to at the hospital, Elizabeth discovered that Panaural were firing her for failure to follow safety procedures (her harness should have caught her, after all). Her powers had significantly increased the density of her bones, muscles and skin, and it wasn't long before she found herself fighting crime and righting wrongs in her hometown of Las Fortunas. After she saved Dr Richard Prather from the tender attentions of some casino enforcers, however, media opinion turned against her at the behest of the people he owed and Slingshot (or "Gravity Girl", as the tabloids smearing her name preferred) was run out of town. She's moved to Silver City in the hopes of avoiding the negative press back home, as well as earning something more than pizza delivery money.


The Surgeon

The Surgeon
Fighting 27 Typical
Agility 15 poor
Strength 75 Incredible
Endurance 71 Incredible
Reason 59 excellent
Intuition 39 good
Psyche 4 Feeble
Resorces-poor (2)
Powers roll 99 5/5 Changed to 4/4 because of alien
Health Draining Touch (99)
Regeneration (12)
Power Absorption (78)
Water Control (94)
Talents 63 3/4
Martial Arts E
Contacts 1/4
Medicine-Dr.Sanders (Mentor)
No Secret ID
6" tall
Semi Solid water like ballistic gel
Wears a lab coat and his water controlling bracers
On the run from a distant planet of sentiant water creatures, he was a rebel on his home planet who stole a piece of technology that allowed for the control of water water. He fled to Earth where he met a surgeon known as Dr.Sanders where he learned his trade as a surgeon and has been living in silver city ever since.

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I remember walking by this book all the time at the FLGS back in school, but we never did give it a try.  You've got me curious enough to at least flip through it once I get back from work.

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This is very tempting. I remember playing this game with my brothers a long time ago.  I made sooooo many characters.  Maybe I can make one more...

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Ooo, this sounds fun...


My other games seem to have dissolved, so may I give this a crack? I have an old copy of Silver Aged Sentinel somewhere that I've always wanted to play, and this sounds fair close...


I'll pop down a preliminary backstory FTM, but it'll probably change a lot...


Lee Waits (Lili, to his friends) was 16 when he and his girlfriend first encountered the mystical beings known as the "Firebird" and the "Kirin". Those two beings, elementals of the highest order, imbued the pair with their powers and named them the earthly Avatars of Chaos and Law, respectively, telling them that their powers together could help maintain the universal balance between order and chaos, staving off the coming of the End of Time.


That was three years ago, and Arianna is gone, gone, gone, vanished somewhere far away where even Lili can't find her. That doesn't mean he's stopped searching, of course... but there's work to be done, and he's had to move on with his life. That doesn't stop the pounding in his head, though, or mend his steadily slipping grasp on his powers without her to anchor them... And now, he's heard stories of a new villain in XXXX City, a young woman with eyes like lightning and a touch like ice who leaves her enemies shattered in her wake... 


I'm thinking some kind of pyrokint, if the rolls favor me, very young & very friendly, but not hot-headed at all. He's an outsider who's pretty much just rolled into town, and while he'd rather not involve himself in any superheroing (he really just wants to find out if this is where his girlfriend went!) it seems every day he gets sucked deeper into the superhero underground... All while his powers, berift of any sort of balance, slowly begin to shred at his body and his mind, slowly (but inevitably) turning him into a mindless creature of chaos... He tries not to worry about that too much, though (but secretly, yeah, it scares the hell out of him. A lot. And to think about Arianna, alone with nothing but the powers of Order to keep her company... well, Lili spends a lot of time trying not to think, these days...)


Got to go to class now, but I'll take another look at the rules when I get back.

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Additional data: Chatter can stay in this thread, and the technical aspects of your actions during gameplay can be worked out here as well. That way we can keep the main thread for role-play only.


I'll post a write-up on the city this evening, so you have some pre-existing fluff to throw in your backstories.


Good luck, and I hope the dice do your characters better than they ever did mine.

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Since I didn't really have a concept in mind, I broke out the d100 and randomly generated a character as I was reading through the first part of the book.  Given that it's the first time I've used the system, I'd like to make sure I haven't made any mistakes.  If we are to give you the character sheets by PM rather than posting them in this thread, does that mean you would like character creation details done by PM as well or just do it here and have the stats out in the open?

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If we can promise to be civil and not turn this into a game of "who's got the cooler powers?" we can do the character sheets/generation here. I wanted to do it by PM to avoid that little meta-game.


EDIT: Friendly chiding is acceptable, and normal. Insane jealousy and anger are not. Remember folks, sarcasm is purple.


Also, feel free to generate more than one character to put in the queue as a backup. My supers games have been known to get a little more lethal than my fantasy games. I have no idea why, the dice fall the way they fall.

Edited by dsmiles

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I promise that will not happen.  My power is TOTALLY the coolest anyway so no one else needs to bother.    


Anyway, I read the book when I got home.  They seemed to have tweaked the rules a bit since I last remember, but for the better I'm sure.  I had some ideas in my head but the dice demanded otherwise.  Once I get a background together I'll post something more substantial.  

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Since you last remember? This version was published in '86, though there was the Basic Set that came out in '84 or '85...


EDIT: So I suffer from nostalgia...sue me.


Also, let me get my City info up before anyone writes any concrete background info. Give me about 15 minutes.

Edited by dsmiles

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"Broad, quiet, shady boulevards lined with birch trees." That used to be how people described Silver City.


Broad boulevards have given way to narrow streets lined with towering skyscrapers, high-rise apartment complexes, cluttered shopping malls, and the accompanying dark alleyways. PTA meetings have been replaced with AA and NA meetings. Pleasant neighborhoods are now run-down slums, with prostitutes on every other corner. Once, people used to stop in Silver City in the autumn to watch the leaves turn. Now, people drive hours out of their way to avoid it.


Gang violence runs rampant, and the three major gangs have their run of the city. The police are near-powerless...if not corrupt. From north to south the gangs are: The Frontrunners covering 1st Street through 52nd Street, The Midtown Maulers who claim 60th Street all the way to 100th Street, and The Southside Stalkers claim 103rd Street through 120th Street.


This is the home of The Mastermind, as notorious a hero-killer as there ever was. Even the League of Law, the Silver Sentinel, Captain Power, and the alien known only as Vaxx have fallen before him. The most powerful heroes in the world are either dead, crippled, or serving life sentences for crimes they most likely didn't commit.


Into the midst of this steps the entrepreneur Gina Roosevelt, and Heroes, Inc. A smart, classy, and not unattractive businesswoman, Gina knows that Silver City can get better. Must get better. Make no mistake, she's no philanthropist. She is a businesswoman, pure and simple, and a clean, crime-free city is good for business. And good business is her bottom line. Heroes, Inc. operates out of one of Gina's less-used warehouses outside of Silver City. Gina supplies the money and the tech, you supply the bodies and willpower. Lately, it's been more of the former, and less of the latter.




Let's do character sheets and backstories here in the thread. It will be easier for me to keep up with, if I only have to reference one place.


EDIT: Huh...I made Silver City sound kind of like Detroit, didn't I?  :lol:

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Oh man, just got around to reading the Powers entry for Water-Breathing.



Water Breathing: This is a wimp Power.

Face it. When the great hero parties take

place, and Ulterior-Motive Man asks you

what you do, if you say, "I breathe water"

you end up wearing a full fishbowl. This

Power allows you to breathe water (fresh or

salt) as if air. No Power rank is needed for

this Power. In addition, this Power allows

the hero to see underwater as if on land

(vision is reduced in the underwater realm),

and survive at great depths. The hero's next

Power may be either Swimming or Animal

Communication and Control (Sea life). The

hero may choose both, but then only

breathes water, and will "drown" on dry land

(reverse of characters drowning in water).


I mean, that's a bit harsh, surely? I mean, any kid who picks this power is already stuck being the sort of kid who would pick this power. Surely there's no reason to rub it in further, now?

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      Is there anyone who might be interested  in a PBP 4e GURPS lite (rules light, no crazy math) portal horror/ mystery modern day adventure.
      1) Gurps 4e is published by Steve Jackson Games, and the free "lite" version of the rules is available online here.
      2) This world is adapted by me from the fiction of Ian Rogers with my own additions.
      3) Character creation rules
      NO MAGIC OR SUPER POWERS or cinematic skills/abilities
      100 points available up to 50 points in disadvantages and 5 quirks as well. If your character concept is disabled, then there's leeway to go over this, but needs discussion with me first
      If you have 4e books or the character creator app, feel free to go for it. Otherwise I will post a list of templates and where they're located that I've vetted to guide you beyond the lite rules.
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      The World Basics
      I'm hoping to be able to do a few posts a week, but because I'm new to this, and have limited availability it might be slower than I want. I'm unsure about the number of players - this could work with only a few.
      More later. Feel free to ask questions or express interest.
      If you have and use a skill that will allow you to obtain info/ achieve goal to advance plot, that will happen. I won't make people roll until something happens or things end.
      This site seems to have a decent character generator. There`s step-by-step at the top of the page, and it auto-calculates. Please print to pdf or printscreen or recopy.  so I can review. If you need a template, please let me know. Please set point maximum to 100 (it defaulted to 300 for me).
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      I think I've decided on what adventure to run:
      Seers of the Drowned City
      This is a 6th level adventure.
      Stats, roll 4d6 drop the lowest die
      No evil alignments, CN allowed
      HPs, Max 1st level & then either avg or roll, ignoring 1s.
      Gear: As I said before work with me on what you want for your level. Normal equipment, you can have, even plate if you want but remember the title of the adventure. Magical items: Hmmm it's been awhile but since this adventure is kinda of a sequel to Ire of the Storm, I'm gonna draw the treasures out of that one & post & let the party pick what they want out of that.
      Class: Everything, including Unchained versions
      Races: Hmmm work with me but I'm flexible
      Traits: Allowed, up to 2.
      Any questions: Post here & I'll do my best to answer.
      If you have any interest, feel free to post. First 4 are definitely in & possible 5th or 6th.
      With me having a home 5e game now, I'm letting my Pathfinder knowledge slip a bit so I wanna at least keep 1st ed alive for me till 2nd comes out.
    • By Darcstaar
      Authors: Logan Bonner, Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Amanda Hamon Kunz, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, and Mark Seifter
      Based on the Playtest Version of the Pathfinder 2.0 Rules
      Compliant with the Open Game License 1.0a.
    • By haldir
      Starfinder: Dead Suns
      by Robert G. McCreary
      Starfinder Adventure Path #1: Incident at Absalom Station © 2017, Paizo Inc. All Rights Reserved. 
      For more info visit www.paizo.com/starfinder 
      You all have received a message from a dwarf by the name of Duravor Kreel, a member of the Starfinder Society. In this message he says he has a offer for you that if your task is successful could bring you notoriety with the Society itself. He wants you to meet him on Absalom Station. After you've arrived he'll  show you around the Station, get settled in & help with your membership into the Society. Why he picked you? The dwarf has heard some things about each one of you off the net & knew you'd be perfect for the job. After your arrived, he'll explain the job in more depth. He excited to see everyone.
      Now,  where or not, your a native of Absalom Station, you've decided that you needed some time away where it's a vacation or a job you're returning on the shuttle, Okimoro. A non-descriptive shuttle like any other that frequents the docking bays of the Station. In particular, Docking Bay 94 ("what a piece of junk".........) on this day.
      Absalom Station
      The brightly lit docks of Absalom Station are abuzz with activity as travelers bustle by, preparing to board or disembarking from starships bound to or from any of dozens of worlds. Brash and swaggering star pilots, scurrying ysoki mechanics, and expectant colonists mingle with enigmatic kasatha mystics, hard-faced asteroid miners, imposing vesk mercenaries, and more, creating a microcosm of the abundance and variety of life in the Pact Worlds. New arrivals meet friends, loved ones, or business contacts, and are whisked away into the humming activity of daily life on the vast space station.
      Docking Bay 94
      Beyond them, ground crews tend to the docked ships, and dockworkers in mechanized cargo lifters load and unload freight and luggage.  A sharp tang of ozone hangs in the air—a byproduct of electrical discharges from the docked ships—but underneath, the station’s atmosphere has a slightly used aroma. The docking bay’s deck plates thrum beneath your feet, though whether it’s from the passage of innumerable feet or the vibrations of the station’s power conduits and air recycling systems is impossible to say.
      Taking in your surroundings the bay looks like any other docking bay, a large, worn yellow painted "94" lays on the floor directly in front of everyone (everyone is in the grey "trapezoid"), that steps off the shuttle. A information kiosk in on your left. There are set of giant double doors North of the party & there are 2 passages that to the side of those doors.
       Anyone outside the shuttle, give me a Perception Check.
    • By Dr.Bedlam
      So back in 1986, I knew this guy who was BIG into comics. He introduced me to independent comics, which I barely knew existed (stuff like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the hilarious Dr. Radium), but he also turned me on to two other very influential comics: Watchmen, and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.
      Batman was pretty amazing. It started off as your typical "imaginary story," with a fifty year old Batman, and from there, deconstructed the entire IDEA of Batman, turned it on its head. Very good stuff!

      Watchmen was even more amazing, starting with its artistic choices (the cover image was invariably the first AND last panel of the actual story) and following through with its bizarre, noirish deconstruction of everything superheroes stood for. Only one hero had powers, and he seemed like an example of why a society (and government) would never be able to tolerate a genuine superhuman. All the OTHER heroes? Only one is genuinely motivated by the idea of truth, justice, and righteousness; the others fight crime for a variety of reasons judging from sadism, sexual sadism, commercialism, fameseeking, cosplay... and sheer hatred. Author Alan Moore made a creepy point: in a real world, people who dress up in costumes to fight crime are going to be a rather ... odd bunch of people. Most of them won't be very nice.
      "Wow," I thot to myself. "This is the first comic I think I have ever read that really qualifies as literature." And then I got on with the rest of my life.

      Fastforward four years, and another friend of mine has got a job at a comic shop. The night Superman died, he asked me if I could come help out, in exchange for store credit; the Death Of Superman had made the news, and everyone was gonna buy fifty copies and save them for ten years, and then retire on the profits from the resale. Superman dies tonight!

      "You are large and bearded," he said. "Could you put on that jacket that makes you look like a biker, and come play security, just in case? We're not expecting trouble, but..."

      And so myself and several other thuglike presences formed a human barrier while the owner and my pal unbundled the comics and put them out for sale. Two copies to a customer. There was grumbling, but no trouble. And I spent a lot of time looking over various comic books with which I was unfamiliar. Apparently, super heroes carried guns, now. Guns, bigger than my torso. The artwork seemed sketchier than I remembered. And pouches; apparently capes were out, but ammo belts with many, MANY pouches were now mandatory. Whatever these heroes were using to fight crime, apparently, they needed a LOT of it, in single-serving sizes, even the ones who didn't carry guns.

      Since I wasn't a regular consumer of comics, I had missed the Dawning Of The Age Of Grimdark, aka the Dark Age Of Comics.

      In hindsight, the reason was obvious. The Dark Knight Returns had been grim and gritty, with dialogue like "There are seven working defenses from this position. Three of them disarm. Three of them kill. The other one... HURTS!" And a Batman who was filled with anger and rage and not QUITE willing to kill the Joker, but fully prepared to put him in traction, break legs and bones, and do whatever it took to restore order. And in the same story, Batman gains a mob of teenage imitators, who go so far as to maim a store clerk that they think "didn't put up enough of a fight" against a robber. The Russians launch a nuke, which blacks out Gotham and nearly kills Superman, who stops it from wiping out the city. Grimdark, indeed.
      Watchmen is similarly dark and violent; hell, the story BEGINS with someone throwing one of our heroes out a window, and ends with a slew of murders and a near apocalypse. 

      And these were the two most influential comics to come out of the eighties. It's no surprise that the trend after that was "Grim and gritty, to the point where there's not much difference between the good guys and the bad, as long as there's plenty of blood and gore and guts and veins in m'teeth, sarge, I wanna KILL... KILL... KILL..."

      And so all this leads up to a few years later when superheroes carry gigantic guns that look like Star Trek vacuum cleaners, many ammo pouches, have superhero names like Deathkillblood, and Superman is dead. Not long after, there was a market correction. Market saturation and waning interest on the part of the fans led to a shock in the comic book market. People quit buying. Some publishers went out of business. A LOT of comics went unsold. And on eBay, you can still buy a black bagged "Death Of Superman" comic for only slightly more than cover price, more than 25 years later.

      Two comics, made by very talented people, who had a reason to deconstruct, and an actual story to tell, had revitalized... and then gradually derailed... the entire comics industry.

      Which got me to thinking about the movies.

      I saw the movie version of Watchmen. It was among the first of the current wave of superhero movies, if I recall. And it was among the first to get that grim, gritty, grimdark feel. I walked out thinking, "Well, that Zach Snyder guy got the overall LOOK right, but somehow, I think he missed what the author was trying to SAY."

      And while the Marvel movies drew audiences and made big big box office, whoever was in charge at Time Warner said, "Hey, this Zach Snyder guy seems to 'get' superheroes. Let's put him in charge of all OUR superhero movies, so we, too, can draw audiences and make big box office."

      And Man Of Steel was... well, it wasn't a Superman movie, despite the presence of a guy dressed in a rather dark colored Superman suit. And Batman Vs. Superman just freakin' creeped me out. These were not superheroes; these were simply people strong and ruthless enough to force their will on others, and the little people should damn well stay out of their way if they know what's good for them. I haven't seen Justice League yet, but I had come to a decision: the characters on all the CW superhero TV shows were far closer to the comics I grew up with than the violent, ruthless, arrogant man-gods of these dark, unpleasant movies.

      Watchmen was the finest comic event in years... but it shook comics, and ultimately, its imitators badly damaged the entire industry. And crazily enough, the movie based on it had the same effect on the comic book movies made by the same company.

      Alan Moore went on record as saying he felt that DC/Time/Warner had ripped him off, and that he would never work for them again, after Watchmen. Wonder if he's realized that his revenge was practically built into the process?


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