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So I'm going to make a WIP for most of the minis I bought for this month's Ghoulie bag special  ::D:


Axebeak and the two giant snakes are dark-washed, I've started painting the tiger. Displacer phase cat is primed, and I've twisted his tentacles into poses that make me happy.  ::P:


Axebeak is on a Secret Weapon Blasted Wetlands base, and the giant snake [with his lovely dragon head that I decided to use instead of the viper one] is on a Secret Weapon Lava base



Ral Partha griffon and 03679 Giant Cobra. And a pack of old pewter doggies 









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^_^  Color plans:

Dragon snake: Rich purples and blues [Amethyst snake]


Giant snake: Gaboon viper


Phase cat: Mostly deep black, going to purple and red in places
[like this Foo Dog statue I painted, but with less yellow]






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Your phase cat appears to have been crippled in the womb. It has but four legs.


but two extra tentacles! Fair trade off, I think. What use is an extra pair of legs? They wont' do anything the four won't do. But extra tentacles? Hurray!

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