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PP 73034 and 73021: Absylonia and Angelius (pAbsy/Terror of Everblight)


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Dangit Sanael. You're just so freaking awesome!

Aww, shucks. Glad you like these! (and hey, you're pretty great yourself!)


Looking real nice, the wings magnificently stand out.

I have an angelius sitting around , one of my longest unpainted models. Never really felt the need for him, but he is a very pretty model.

I am jealous right now, feel like I am trudging through the pot dudes. .

Thanks man. The angelius is a very cool model, and I've been happy to field him just because he looks great on the table (even when he was only half-basecoated!).


Keep at the lunch ladies; I bet it'll feel great to have them done! I'll have to do mine all too soon, myself. First unit though is probably the striders...


I love your style, very bright and bold with greT palette selection. Well done sir you should be proud of these guys

Thanks! Glad you like them!

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