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Mice and Mystics gamepieces

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I'm enjoying watching this and it keeps reminding me that I started painting minis to paint these exact pieces... one day... maybe... lol!

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I just played this game for the first time last night, and I was looking at those unpainted figures and thinking "I could paint those. I like ratmen in my games" 



Apparently you can buy the original set figures for 15$.  I don't have any real use or appreciation of the cockroaches, but the rest look fun.  

I like your paint up of the roaches, and especially the spider.  


PS. We gotten eaten by the cat. 

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Thanks, all, for the comments. Glad y'all like what you see.


Kharsin, why some day? Why not today? They're fun pieces to paint up.


OK, camera is being uncooperative, so only one pic today.


I've put in some more highlights and shadows on the rats, and they are just about finished.A few touchups where paint slopped and they'll be ready for sealer.


I'm really happy with the albino rat. This face is kinda the stuff of nightmares:




So now I just need to do some work on Glorm's Dance and the baddies should be wrapped up.


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Alas, I hit a stretch where my schedule really impacted my painting time - so I wound up doing a marathon session to finish out the hero mice -- and didn't stop to take WIP pics along the way.  


Sanael managed to snag some photos after they were done, though. 







Hopefully I can figure out a paint schedule soon - I need to get cracking on some painting for both my D&D campaign, and ReaperCon!

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This thread really helped me decide to buy the set.  but I don't need hero mouselings - I am painting them as villains!

So far all I have done is the Thief, but adding a pile of gold and a human skull to his base help sell him as a darker personality. 


I didn't notice the armband until I saw your version - I thought it was casting error on his wrist.  I'll fix it today. 

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