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Nissiana and I are quite happy to have picked up a commission, and even more excited to share it with y'all!


These are the gamepieces for the Mice & Mystics base game and the first expansion. I'm sad I've never had the chance to play, but I'm fairly certain I can remedy that the next time we host a board game night. And I'll eventually want to buy a set for us, because these minis are great!


The minis themselves are a soft plastic similar to Bonesium, but cast in a tan color. There were a few mold lines and injection points that needed a little cleanup, but really these are pretty high quality casts. The extent of prep was trim a bit of flash (super simple with a scalpel, just like Bones), wash in some dishsoapy water, and prime.


Nice sculpts, too, with good detail and a lot of character. The aesthetic is a good bit more "realistic" (realism being relative, we're talking anthropomorphic rodents, after all) than Reaper's mouselings, but I still think the mice are totes adorbs, as the kids say. And the villains, a host of creepy-crawlies and less savory rodents, are sufficiently menacing.


But enough yammer. Photos!


The bunch primed up:


Various scalawags and neer-do-wells:




A spider, a centipede, an ant-warlock and a slew of roaches:



I'll be painting all the arthropods. I'm actually really looking forward to the cockroaches, believe it or not.


And a group shot of the Heroes:




Nissiana will be painting up the rodents. You can see she's already got a good start on several of them; I'll let her talk about that once she gets home from rehearsal tonight (or tomorrow during the day sometime).


We'll be painting these to a "tabletop" standard; the end result should be easy to differentiate on the table and attractive in the hand, but we don't hope to win any Sophie Trophies with the lot.


Let us know what you think as we move along!

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I have these! I completely have these! I think I actually started painting minis so I could paint these up to a reasonable standard, but we haven't played the game since the first time (takes a bit of set-up and those playing with me were used to much simpler mechanics i.e.: Munchkin) LOL! Sometimes, I'm such a dork!  :wacko:

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Here's the update Sanael promised!  ::D:


The recipient has requested that we follow the reference art for the characters, which you can take a look at here


I got cracking on painting before I knew we'd be doing a WIP, so Nez, the first character, is already pretty close to done:




Next up is Filch, because they share a similar color palette and I was able to use most of the same paints thus far:




I've been playing around with some of the stuff I learned in Wappel's Shaded Basecoats and Glazing classes at ReaperCon on these guys, and I've been having some fun with it.  I haven't really painted much this summer, so it's good to get back in the swing of things!


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I've gotten a start on the creepy-crawlies (I can't quite bring myself to refer to them as "villains...").




Almost everything here is basecoated in RMS Blackened Brown--this has become my go-to, moreso than Walnut, for a good, dark, brown--and built up through several layers to Rust Brown and then to Saffron Sunset, mixing and blending these for the layers in between. The exceptions to this progression are the black portions on the cockroaches' wings, spider's joints and the ant-guy's body (so far only basecoated in a 50/50 mix of RMS Walnut Brown and P3 Coal Black*); and the belly of the centipede (basecoated in Blackened Brown and then just coated over in Saffron Sunset).






The card art for these uses a lot of reds and yellows. I plan to bring everything you see above up to Desert Sand, then glaze some parts with Marigold Yellow and others with...a red I haven't decided on yet. Big Top Red is gorgeous, but I think a bit too cold...I'm leaning toward the blood red triad; we'll see. This will keep everything unified with the underlying basecoats and shading, but make the reds and yellows boldly different. It will also end up brightening a good bit, especially against the grey the bases will be when all is said and done.


For "Glorm's Dance," the ant dude, the cloth will stay in the same world as the above, but his chitin will be a nice, shiny black with a bit of bilious green. 


That's all for now...more work tonight, so pics either late tonight or tomorrow after work.


*Yes, if you've read any of my WiPs, you're tired of me mentioning this recipe...it's the best black ever...

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Nah, they're villians! Especially when you're playing with a green group of players that just let you float out of the sewer.... "Hey guys, if one of you helps me out of the sewer water, I get a BONUS to escape.... Guys... Um... HEY! nevermind.... :( )

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK...been a while. The day jobs have been particularly...active...for both Nissiana and myself of late. I did have some time this weekend to sit down with these guys and do some more work with the bugs.


first off, I went in with Clear Yellow and Clear Red to glaze parts of the spider and centipede. A few minor glazes on Glorm's Dance and a very selective glaze on the bac ends of the roaches and I had this:




I really like the way the yellow works on the spider.


And then I went in with my "lively" black mix and put in the beady little eyes, darkened up the Dance's chitin and put a more solid coat down on the roaches' wings. RMS Misty Grey with a bit of the black mix thrown in went down to highlight the wing membranes and add some shiny qualities to the chitin on the Dance and the spider's knees. The bases are Misty Grey with a bit of P3 Coal Black mixed in.





At this point, I have a bit of touch-up to do on the roaches before calling them done. The spider is pretty close, too, but I need to brighten those eyes' reflective points a bit and add in a few reddish spots to bring her closer to the artwork on the card. The Dance is coming along; I'm saving the cloth for last, though, since it'll be fun. The chitin on the Dance is coming up nicely, though; it just refused to be photogenic for this session. The centipede could be done, at this point, but I'm not quite happy with it and plan to poke at it a bit more to give its vast expanses of smooth shell a bit more visual interest.


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Oooo these all look absolutely fabulous!

This game falls into the don't really want to play it but really want to paint the minis catagory for me. Please let us know what you think of it if you ever get a chance to play.

Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing the progression!

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Sanael I like you quite a lot, so I'm willing to overlook your momentary blasphemy against the Cult of Walnut Brown. Don't let it happen again, or there will be repercussions.


I really love these, thanks to to two of you for sharing them. 

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Rhombus, our D&D group is going into "the holidays are impossible to schedule" mode, so we'll be gathering as many of us as possible for whatever games support the decreased number of players at hand, whenever possible. So it's likely we'll play Mice and Mystics sometime soon. I'll definitely report to the group!


Sanael I like you quite a lot, so I'm willing to overlook your momentary blasphemy against the Cult of Walnut Brown. Don't let it happen again, or there will be repercussions.


I really love these, thanks to to two of you for sharing them.

Hey now, there's no need to make threats. The fact that Walnut is part of my go-to black recipe means it still sees use on almost every mini I paint.


Besides, my longstanding membership with the Cult of Purple and Teal will protect me from Walnut's comparatively young minions. :P


Glad y'all like the paint on these!

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Some more time with these this week! No arthropods this time; It's all rodents tonight...rats, to be exact!


Earlier this week, I got some basecoats and rough highlights in on the six rats. I'm painting them up with the same equipment color scheme--it's all leather and metal--but with some variations in color. Two brown, two grey, one black and an albino.




Tonight, I got some further highlighting in and basecoated the metal bits.






Tomorrow I'll do all the highlighting on the skin and metal, the last round of glazing/highlighting on the fur (the brown guys, especially, need to come up more), and then a bit of cleanup on the rats and the bugs*. The baddies of the set are nearly done!


Something I've noted that'd be of interest to anyone else thinking of painting these figures...there's a lot of talk on these forums about how hydrophobic Bones are, but these are ridiculous. The large, flat surface of the base, even with a good layer of primer (that has dried entirely, with no tackiness), still took several coats to get even coverage. Unthinned paint was beading up like whoa. It's something I noticed on the bugs, too, but it hit me again today and seemed worth noting. Once I had a decent, dry coat down, subsequent layers stick OK, but getting to that point took some time.





*not actually any hemipterans in the group, but I already called them "arthropods" once, and that level of geekery didn't need to happen twice in one post...oh. Uh...Carry on!

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Oh! And colors!


The black rat is basecoated with P3 Coal Black mixed with a dab of RMS Misty Grey, then highlighted up to Misty Grey.


The brown rats are based in Intense Brown, and are highlighting up through Tanned Leather into Desert Sand.


The grey rats are basecoated in a mix of Powderburn Brown and Misty Grey, Headed up through Misty Grey to a white I haven't decided on yet.


The albino rat is based entirely in Desert Sand, which will get shaded down with Tanned Leather and up to white (probably Linen White)


All the rats except the albino have pure Misty Grey underbellies and pure Sunburn Flesh skin.


The albino has Porcelain Rose skin.


The leathers are based in Powderburn Brown, highlighted up to Desert Sand. Steel is based in Coal Black and then P3 Pig Iron, and the red metal is based in Intense Brown and then P3 Molten Bronze.


...I feel like I just wrote one of those logic word problems...

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      It started out as any project does, with a basic armature:

      I refined that shape grossly into the shape I wanted for the body:

      After that I started pulling in rough details using mostly the Move and Inflate brushes.  I should note that I was not yet trying to create a finished spider, but merely get my concept down so I could send it to Ron for approval on the general theme of the piece.

      I added eyes.  These were based on Jumping spiders.

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      Next post, I'l cover Ron's response and where we went from there. (Though it should be obvious what his response was, considering that the above spider looks absolutely nothing like the finished Arakoth.) 
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