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RAFM Airship Pirates miniatures


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RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures have been available since May of 2012. The product line started with 32mm miniatures of the six Abney Park band members. Since then the line has grown to eleven miniatures. However we wish to upgrade this product line by adding new miniatures to it. Silver Fox Productions Inc. will launch their new fundraising program for RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures at kickstarter.com.

Look for this program going live on Wednesday October 15, 2014! Check our our website at www.rafm.com or visit us on Facebook at RAFM Airship Pirate Miniatures to get updates.

Our Kickstarter looks to build on our past fundraising programs by being affordable, have shipping included, be EU friendly, and get new figures sculpted.

RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures line provides gamers with pieces to bring to life the Airship Pirates roleplaying game, in which players take on the role of real life pirates on an alternate timeline where steam powered airships rule the day. RAFM Airship Pirates Miniatures are hand sculpted white metal miniatures which can be painted or used to represent characters and monsters during game play or just be collected. The Role Playing Game has won “Best Roleplaying Game†at the 2012 UK Games Expo Awards. It has also won awards from the Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Awards and Diehard GameFAN’s Tabletop Gaming Awards. The game has also had several nominations for it’s artwork. RAFM pledges to continue this high standard of art with the miniatures we produce.

This fund raising project aims to build the world of Airship Pirates through a new miniatures for this product line.

There is also a link to the models in RAFMs store for pre-order



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They did one thing different that means the new one is almost guaranteed to succeed. They posted an update to the failed project (which raised almost $9k before being cancelled) with link to the project preview. They will be offering the same 11 existing minis for $40 with free shipping to US, Canada and EU, $10 shipping elsewhere plus all stretch goal minis will be added for free as well. The reason it is sure to succeed this time is the goal is $100, so they only need 3 backers to fund. The first stretch goals (each a free mini) are set at $2000, $3000, and $4000.


The first project was trying to raise $16,500, raised $8,867 when it was cancelled early, and offered 6 minis for $45 and 9 minis for $70, the same six and nine that are in the eleven they are offering here for $40. Or 14 minis if they raise $4k. Of course, with smaller dollar value pledges they need more pledgers, the last one had 76 backers when it was cancelled, this one will probably need 100 just to hit the $4000 stretches. And since I would imagine some of the 76 previous backers probably picked them up at retail, many of them will need to be new backers. Still, it looks like it could be very successful, a dozen or so nice looking steam-punky minis for $40 will be hard to pass up. And their Cthulhu minis were great, this will be an easy back for me. 


The preview ks page is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/941525798/2123809805?token=c357ec40

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Since you won't answer questions posted directly to your kickstarter, I'll post it here.


Since this is a Canadian venture, why do Canadians have to pay for shipping within Canada, but the Americans get free shipping? (No offense to any American backers)


It seems counterproductive to alienate potential backers who live IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY.

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Indeed, the "Shipping included to the USA, Canada and the EU" part in the pledge level descriptions does seem pretty self-explanatory.


I can't actually find the question posted to the KS comments, by the way. So unless by "posted" you mean "PM'd through contact creator", it would've been impossible to reply.

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I'm not clear on what they're planning on doing different from their first failed kickstarter to make this one successful.


They made the funding goal only $100.....


I suspect this is like the dragon. The sculpts and molds were done allready so it's just a pre-order for these minis.


I hope them well, outside of Cuthuluu they haven't had much KS success and they're a good company.

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