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If you could choose features


What feature would you most like to see?  

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  1. 1. What feature would you most like to see?

    • Custom unit creation rules / points formula
    • Unit options that effect stats (upgrades, options, etc)
    • Early release of the core rules and basic army lists
    • Campaign rules
    • Experience rules
    • Seige rules

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While I would love to see the points formulas, I think having unit options would solve the customization need without worrying about breaking the points system.


For example, green/regular/veteran grunts in light/medium/heavy armor. That way, one set of figs could represent 9 units; Reaper could get a starting lineup out the door quickly without sacrificing game flexibility, and players could have a whole new feel to their army without spending big bucks.

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Campaign rules turn exciting skirmishes into part of an ongoing epic. In "one shot" games, there is really no reason NOT to seek a glorious demise, surrounded by the bodies of your foes. In an ongoing campaign, you must ask, "do I really want to lose my Warlord and Tank Hero, or should I come back and slay the dragon when I'm beter prepared?"


Just using the "bounty" rules, and making players rebuy their loses gives a hint of what this aspect can do for the game.

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Well my comment is really the same thing that I have been whining for since reading the Beta rules, Race specific rules. The core rules for Warlord are solid, I can't find any flaws with them. Normally games start breaking down when point costs and special abilities are introduced. So bring on the stats.




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Gardensnake has it,in my opinion.


I would love to see the formula. I think custom fig.s would be great,because all of those cool DH line of fig.s would not go to waste.



I also am really anxious to see the stats. Most particular the Lupines.


their big so they would probably be easier to hit,but I hope they pack a serious punch or at least a good move rate.


I really like the core rules.I can't see anything wrong.

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