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Frost Giant 77106 WIP

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I wasn't originally going to do a WIP for this, but figure if I make it public, it will make sure I keep at it and finish it.  ^_^


After finishing all my DwarvenForge game tiles, I wanted to do something at the entire opposite end of the spectrum, so I pulled out a giant and decided to make him a nice fancy base.  Clever Crow's two renditions of this guy are absolutely amazing, and definitely a large part of my motivation (and references) for this paintjob.


First, here's where I'm at with the base:



To recap how it got to here:

  • A few layers of cork glued on.  Since I wasn't sure how well cork would glue to the wooden base, I used 5 min epoxy with a heavy weight on top for the first layer to make sure it would stay together.
  • Milliput used to smooth some edges, fill in gaps, and build an even surface for the giant to rest on and attach to.
  • Added a tree (the angle above isn't great, there's another branch that is coming right at the camera).  This isn't glued in yet, and I may try to add some additional branches to it.
  • Added various rocks, gravel, sand.
  • Primed black.
  • Started adding color with various grays and browns.


The plan is to cover this with a lot of snow.  I'm going to try for a very colorful look based on some of James Wappel's work.  The large greyish mound on the top is where the giant will stand.  It's a bit of an eyesore right now, but it will mostly be hidden in snow when finished.  I think the ground/rocks are still too...bland.  I'm trying to figure out how to infuse some more life and color into them.  I know they need some color washes.  I'm also concerned I have too much brown and not enough rocky grey.  From looking at various mountainous pictures, I should be moving more towards greys, where I can wash in some blues and browns.


Any suggestions would be welcome!  The snow won't be applied until I have the giant mostly finished and mounted on.


Since I've never done this before, I also created a secondary base for testing purposes.  I'll be doing everything on this one first:




I don't currently have any figures planned for this, but if it turns out well, I'm sure I can find something.  At the moment, I'm thinking the bottom portion of it will be under water or ice.



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Here's where I'm currently at with the giant:

post-9097-0-18793200-1413057773_thumb.jpg post-9097-0-20442100-1413057774_thumb.jpg




About the only thing done is the hair and skin (although I know I still have some touch up locations on the skin to do).  I also may continue to try to improve his right eye.  His left eye is perfect, but I haven't been able to match that on his right yet.


There are so many leather layers on this guy.  I am using Clever Crow's paint jobs as examples to help me figure out how to tackle them.  I really liked his use of lots of warm colors to complement the cool nature of the giant himself and the snow I'll add later.


Next step: continue to work on the leathers.  Last session I tried to base in colors for most of the remaining leather wraps, to make sure i was comfortable with where they were going.  The leather wraps on his legs are mostly done, and I need to do that treatment on the arms.


A figure this big is a lot of work; I need to keep reminding myself not to rush things, and realize that completing a project like this is really like completing 4-5 'normal' figures.  That giant cloak intimidates me...

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Progress!...although sometimes it doesn't feel like it.




I have been focusing on the arms/hands.  There are a lot of layers of cloth/leather and other bits.  You can see the progress best in the following photo on the right outstretched arm:



The red wraps still need shading/highlighting, the teeth are just barely blocked in, and the furs aren't done, but the rest of the leathers are mostly finished.  I've tried to use 3 to 4 variants of leather to help distinguish all of his wrappings.  Here's a shot of the other hand, which is in pretty much the same state (you can better tell the red is not done yet on this one):



It's amazing what a time sink these areas are.  With the skin, it went pretty fast and resulted in impressive changes quickly.  Doing these leather layers is more time consuming for what feels like less results. 


One thing I have also found is that originally this model seemed like a wonderful conversion to Bones (and for the most part, it is, if for nothing else than weight).  However, while blocking in the teeth/bracelets, you start to find where detail has been lost.  The fur, teeth, and wraps all sort of jumble together.  It's one of the reasons it takes awhile to paint, as I have to try to figure out what is what, and how to disguise softer details with paint.




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Finally some progress.  Been busy with other things and have not been painting much in the last few months, but the Bones II arrival has brought the painting bug back and so I set back to work on this guy.  I need to see him through before I dive into some Bones II figures.









Sorry for the inconsistent lighting between WIP posts; it makes it more difficult to compare one step to another.


The last two sessions have been mostly doing bone and teeth, including the necklace, armbands, wristbands, and crown.  I got some base coats on the rest of the sword, and did a first go at the crystal he's got strapped to his waist.  Not sure I'm all that pleased with it, I might give it another shot.


Next up I'll probably try to finish up the various red leather straps, and the random accoutrements he's got hanging in front of him.  Still quite a bit of work to go, including sword, all of the furs, and bit more work on the skulls, and then some various cleanup.  Then I need to get back to work on his base.  Oy, this is a complicated figure.


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So, worked on the reds last night.  I hate red.  :grr:   I am not at all happy with them (and this is the second or third time I've worked on them).  Everything always ends up pink, or yellow/orange.  I will try a glaze of clear red over what I have, and if that doesn't improve it, I may just repaint the red bands another color.


After being annoyed with red, I moved on to other things which went smoother:

  1. Finished the green gem/charm in front.
  2. Finished up the teeth/horn hanging in front.
  3. Some minor rework on the skulls and basic highlighting on the leather straps holding them.
  4. Started working on the sword bone handle.  There's more to go.
  5. Put a base coast of walnut brown/blackened brown over the furs.  The base coast came out quite shiny, which is a bit of an issue, since I don't want reflections coming from the crevices (which you can see on the rear side photo.  Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet.
  6. Did a bit of minor highlighting on the back cloak just to test out colors/technique.  I don't want to do pure drybrushing, so I did a sort of wet side brush/drybrush.  It seems to work well.  I have more colors to work in, and will take the highlights up a bit higher, then have to do the rest of the furs all around him. 
  7. Put some color on the charms hanging from his legwraps, mostly so I wouldn't forget they were there!  I am unsure how I want to paint these. I could do more teeth, but ugh, soooo many teeth.  I don't want to overdo colors though either.  Hmmm...





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Oh man, this is just gorgeous. I see what you mean about the red being more orange, but I think it really works. Go ahead and try the Clear Red (that's my go-to for red, actually: I highlight well up into pink and then just glaze it back into red) but don't worry about it if that doesn't do quite what you want, since it looks really good and not at all out of place as-is. (And actually, bright red seems like it might clash, so take this as a blessing in disguise?)


That skin is just beautiful. Very well done there, as well as on the leathers. Also the gemstones.

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