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Characters and Fun (October Edition)

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No commission this month. Yet. @[email protected] I successfully completed the Cleric (Which I got a replacement for from Reaper since the casting was off), the viking, which was my commission (I didn't take a picture before it was returned but he came out fantastic, the halfling with the crossbow is completed, the zodiac, kyrie and the mage are completed. 


NOW For this months, it's a slightly smaller set than last. Primarily because I'm working on my partners gift and probably a few things for contests if this month doesn't bog me down. I also wanted to paint my new Bonesylvanians asap! 




This picture represents classes I am intending to play so these may be for personal use. 


My poor unfocused monk is the one in purple. The fighter is Green and the Warlock will be blue. I haven't decided what I'm doing with that last one yet. 


The last mini I'm working on this month is: post-12705-0-75779600-1413071255_thumb.jpg


This one will be part of a diorama that I haven't fleshed out in my head yet. ^_^ 

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/Queues level up music.


I think I have eyes down. o_o Which puts me one step closer to silver next year. ^_^ Now if I can just stop mucking up skin!!!!!!


And what can I do about this girls finger? It's uh...not quite proportional. I'm sure I can paint it to look normal but I have no idea where to even start with that. I imagine it will take some 'shadow fu' painting. 





I painted the 'armor' leather clothy whatever part with grey liner because I wanted to eventually paint it to have a silken look and to make black lining easier. I then mixed a bit of white with the grey liner for a temporary shadow area. Then I'll glaze and highlight with normal white to eventually incorporate pearl white and a touch of silver to the original grey liner/white in the shadows. 


Edit: I don't think my mother's getting this camera back. Now I just have to make a light box! 


I've worked on most of what I've wanted to do to the skin, but some parts, especially on the back just seem oddly casted. I can't tell if it's supposed to be a design with the cloth or what. It's unfortunate that it's in such a tight space that I'm not even sure I can take a sanding needle to it or a file to 'fix' it. 

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That Base! It's base day! Here at least. So my Monk has been based and progress resumes. 



My goal was to sort of have a ruins meets nature sort of base. I used my flagstone seppuku stamp with some milliput (I FINALLY MIXED IT CORRECTLY!! /HAPPY DANCE!!) and stamped it. I tried to mold it as close to the cork as possible, but I still have an unnatural seem. I'm not sure if this adds or takes away from it. I may cover it with leaves and foliage to try to hide it. I still have a bit more painting to do on it, but it looks good so far I think.




The next WIP is the Ranger that was sort of a random purchase. I love rangers, loved her pose so I grabbed her. I don't think I'll be going a nature route with her though.




The 'other' bases.


This one was an experiment in water effects with glue. I'm awful at it soooooooo it won't be scrapped but may become a fodder for a familiar. 




WIP of a sandy base. I just..have to figure out the proper shade first. @[email protected] It's gone through a lot of shade transitions....









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I stippled green on top of the cork to get that effect. There's very little sculpting besides the tearing of cork. Once the green was dried, I dry brushed the same shade of brown over it lightly. Then dry brushed a brighter green on top of that. It helped give it a tiny bit of depth and variance.


I'm glad you like my base!!!!!! The thought of doing them terrified me for a long time. 


o_o I still haven't branched out very far though.

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Miss Melons... you have been bitten by the basing bug!  there is no known cure and soon you will be raiding the kitchen for materials!


Welcome to the club! :upside:



It's actually all thanks to Baugi's basing tutorial he did. It gave me a good bit of confidence to give it a try.

Yep, I think that thread created quite a few basing monsters.


Her eyes are sooo goood! I love your pallet as well. Fabulous!

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