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AKA - Shiny Syndrome strikes again!

As usual my latest minis have elbowed their way to the front of my painting queue, they always look so much cooler when they're new!


Anyways, here's the Tempest:-




She's a Dragyri Warrior from Dark Age.

At this point I've done my best to prep and prime her, the casting isn't great in places on this one.


And here she is after I've started on her skin:-




Since she's an alien she gets alien skin, which means I can't use my precious Flesh Wash!

So at the moment I'm attempting to paint it from the shade layer up, starting with a basecoat of 4:2 Vallejo Flat Flesh/Vallejo Hexed Lichen.

I then moved on to the mid-tone layer of 4:1 Flat Flesh/Hexed Lichen, unfortunately (due to my not particularly level wet palette) this paint mix decided to mingle with it's Lava Orange neighbour, so I didn't get this step finished last night.


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Progress already!




Finished applying the mid-tone layer and added a highlight layer of 6:1 Flat Flesh/Hexed Lichen, it was looking a little blotchy, so I gave it a glaze of mid-tone. Still not good at glazing, but it worked a bit better than last time (probably because I used pure Matt Medium instead of mostly water, but I think I need to invest in some Glaze Medium).

Looks okay, but I need a lot more practice with unusual skin colours.


Made a start basecoating her leggings and ...armings(?) in Peacock Green, my bottle of it always seems to need a LOT of drying time, so this is probably it for today.

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Forgot to make updates.


I've been slowly but surely making progress:-




At this point I'd finally gotten a solid basecoat of Peacock Green, and then shaded it with 1:1 Peacock Green/Pure Black and highlights of 1:1 Peacock Green/Linen White. The highlights were really stark so I tried blending them in with a few thin coats of pure Peacock Green, and it kinda worked.

The metallic areas started with a basecoat of either 1:1 Vallejo Artic Blue/Pure Black (this made a lovely metallic black) or 1:1 Vallejo Brassy Brass/Ruddy Leather (this looked no different from pure Brassy Brass, so I won't bother with this step again!). This was followed up with a layer of either pure Artic Blue or Brassy Brass (the brass areas then got a brown wash to create some shading).

I think the metallic blue areas came out too dark though, so next time I'll try a different basecoat for it.




At this stage I had basecoated her dress in Sapphire Blue. I'd also enlarged the highlights on her stocking, the original, narrower highlight didn't look right in the end.




And this is where I got to today. Her dress was shaded with 1:1 Sapphire Blue/Nightmare Black and given highlights of 1:1 Sapphire Blue/Linen White, again the highlights were uber-stark, so they got a few thin coats of pure Sapphire Blue to blend them in, worked a lot better then it did with the Peacock Green.

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She's all painted up!




Her hair/helmet tassel was based with Hot Punk Pink, then I made a purple wash for it out of 1:1 Vallejo Red shade wash/Blue shade wash which made a mess (I really need to replace my Vallejo washes, except for the flesh wash they're not very good). I managed to tidy that up sufficiently and then went on to paint all her various straps and ties and things.


Just the base to go. 

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