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Talae Returns to Painting with Thelgar


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I have not put paint to a mini in far too long. I got a chance to do so today and used my time wisely (I think). I will try and post a picture before bed, but I am about four or five hours in on this guy.




03197: Thelgar Halfblood, Half Orc Barbarian


I am currently running a PC Half Orc Barbarian. He is a dragonmarked member of House Tharashk (Eberron).


Two things of note that I am attempting for the first time ever with this guy:

  • Stubble on his head. If this doesn't work out, he will just have to deal with a clean shaven head.
  • A tattoo (basically) that looks like one of these (probably vaguely the second one): 






Any tips would be awesome. Thanks!

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Also, this will be the first time trying to pin or glue hands onto a mini. Thus far I have only pinned minis to bases. Tips on aligning this correctly and whether pinning is necessary would be great.


A few quick phone pics before calling it a night:




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The skintones look good on this guy and your base coats are smooth. Also I like the palette you've chosen.


The hardest part about this kind of pinning is correct alignment for both hands. I would suggest putting a small dab of paint on the end of the pins before you insert them. Get things aligned and you'll have dots to show you where to insert the pins. I had a Dark Sword mini like this and it was very frustrating to get it to work out. 

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Yep, great skin tones!


I agree with Anne on the pinning. I was working on a heresy figure yesterday. Had to pin on the arms and the head, still need to pin on the hand at the wrist with a weapon. I did the same thing with a dot of red paint and then after the glue had set, I went in with some green stuff and filled in the gaps. Been trying to do as much of the assembly now as possible before applying primer and paint so I don't have to do touch-ups.

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Thanks guys. The pictures seem to actually be killing my highlights (most likely due to taking pics on my work area without thought to lighting or anything).


Thanks for the pinning tips. This guy would be tough to pin before paint due to not being able to reach behind the axe.


I think I am at a point that I am happy enough with skintones and other things that I can pin.


Here are some pics of where he is at for now.






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You probably have enough to go on for your pinning project, but I found these videos and thought I would share them with you and others who could benefit.  Both go all the way through the process, but you can skip to the times I mention to see the alignment techniques. 


This video shows how to align the pin holes using a pin sharpened on one end to make a pilot hole in the second piece.  The alignment process begins about 5 minutes in.



There's a neat technique that uses poster putty which I've used, too, and here's a video that shows that at 2:20 in.


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Any suggestions on where to place the dragonmark tattoo? I am thinking the second in the above image of four. My wife suggested the exposed pectoral. A friend said the back of the exposed shoulder. Another said to make him completely bald with the tattoo on his head.


I am at a loss on what might look the best.


Here is an example of one in sourcebook artwork (size an location vary, but typically the more simple ones are smaller and the more elaborate are larger - they tend to grow with power level and glow when being used):




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I use the blue tack method too. It helps if you get the piece you're pressing into the tack a tad wet.


As for the tattoo. Sketch it out on paper how you think you can paint it then see where it fit best. Free hand is way harder on faces and such due to all the odd angles--so be sure it's something you're comfortable with before trying.

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Thanks guys! I will sleep on it tonight and decide tomorrow. Either way, I will need some freehand practice. I will start scetching on paper tomorrow, then practice painting it, then put paint to mini.


Here is where I am leaving him at tonight.



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Hey Talae;

Looking fantastic !

I like the freehand tattoo.

I think if you darken sections of it a little bit at points, and throw that red in the background of it

like in the number two drawing it will be kick butt !  You did a great job on that !


Was thinking about your "stubble Head", and was wondering if you took 20 pins;

wrapped tape around them, and dipped the points in black and "dotted" his skull

if you would get that stubble look ?  Think that is how I would approach that.

Just an idea !

Still he is looking terrific.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement!

I got distracted organizing paint since I bought a second nail polish display and it showed up today. I left space for the two triads I have on the way from Reaper this week.


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