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Classes for photo taking


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Hey Ivy,


Can you also talk a little about how to make the image look nice on-line? I think there were people talking about the painting contest and pictures being compressed and looking bad on line, but look okay on their own computers.


That's where I am today - at a PhotoShop Class (for work). I think it will sure come in handy when working with mini photos. ^_^


I will sign up for your class!



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I'm SO going to sign up for this class!


I'm all beside myself anyway because I just got a laptop which I plan on bringing to the con, and I forsee having to upload TONS of pics through the week-end anyway.. and now to get a chance to learn from a pro... ::D: ... I CAN'T WAIT!

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(I'm getting *LOADS* back from the Federal Government this year)

What a coincidence, I am paying loads to the gov't this year::P:

Well then, [email protected], I appreciate your contribution! ::D:


But, seriously... Like Flynn, I adjusted my withholding to cover some taxes... I just took it too far.... Oh, well... I'm considering it a forced savings plan. :lol:

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