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Okay! While I'm waiting to finish up my Exchange Mini Base, I've started working on another project. There's a contest over on the WAMP forum that's centered around Hasslefree Miniatures. Now, I'm already plenty loaded up with projects, but as I'm a glutton for punishment, I figured, what the hey!


Now, let me say that I'm an ex-gamer... Well, that's not entirely true, but I just don't have the time/skill/reflexes to invest in video games like I used to. I cut my teeth on the old arcade version of Double Dragon. I could play through the entire game on one quarter when I was probably 11 or so. This was beneficial as I generally only had one dollar to play in the arcade, so I had to make it last. People would stop to watch me play the game. Then Street Fighter II hit the arcade and the addiction grew. I got good, real good. So good in fact that the adults would not allow me to place bets against them when they'd wager who'd win with what. I had a guy break a Samurai Showdown arcade game because he dropped about $10 worth of tokens in that machine trying to beat me. He slammed the control panel so hard he shattered the glass that covered the screen. I literally almost got into a fist fight when some college guy fed Tekken II around $30 trying to win. Pit Fighter, Kagi Ki, Vendetta, TMNT, Bad Dudes, Vigilante, Karate Champ, River City Ransom and countless others all hold fond memories for me.  So.... I have a thing for fighting games.  :wub:


ANYWAY! It turns out that Hasslefree has an assortment of martial arts guys, so we are going to:






Here are the current contestants. This will probably grow but I'm focusing on these three guys so I don't try to tackle too much as I still need to finish Year of the Giants.




We have "Fist of Golgo" who resembles a cross between Kenshiro of "Fist of the North Star" (which I really hated on NES) and Billy Lee from "Double Dragon" (A personal favorite!) Because of this, I'm planning on painting him up as Billy (or "Spike" if you prefer the arcade version)



Next we have Kado who looks a lot like every karate guy from every fighting game ever, although he does have a shaggy mane like Ken Master from "Street Fighter II" (another fav!) I'm trying to decide whether to paint him up in a red gi like Ken, a traditional karate gi, a Cobra Kai gi ::P: , or something wacky. 



Finally we have Bobby Van Li, who resembles Williams from "Double Dragon." As such he will either get the Williams treatment or maybe some sort of military look. I haven't decided yet.



Here they are all cleaned (mostly) and pinned.




All shiny, pinned, and mounted up. Kado/Ken will have to wait until the Exchange Mini is completely finished before getting his own holder. I'm going to focus on Billy/Williams and if I have time after assembling the diorama, I'll throw in KK. 




Also, I decided to try something different this time and mixed Scalecolor 75 white and black primers to make a gray primer. I work mainly with white, once with black ("The Fly"), and I've seen that some prefer gray so I figured I'd try this go around.




If you can't tell, I'm pretty pumped to be working on these guys, although I'm planning on doing a rush job on this in order to finish YOTG to the same standard I threw at Kaya the Reaper. We'll see what happens. 


The plan for the diorama is the traditional street fighting scene using Hirst blocks and such. This may be a challenge as I only have a few molds, and may need to order some more to complete the scene. This will be fine as I enjoy the casting process and haven't poured any in a while. If it goes to plan, we'll have a marquee with health bars and such. This is probably a bit more than I'll have time to do, but again, we'll see....


Let me know what you guys think, plus if y'all have any ideas on elements to add an such. I know that's a loaded comment as I KNOW everyone likes to instigate things that add time, $, and effort to projects, and we love y'all for it!


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Hasslefighter 2014!!!



P.S.: I have plans to add Reaper minis to this after the contest as there are some great sculpts in there as well, but I'm limited to Hasslefree for the first go round. I should probably find or write up some sort of mini based fighting game to go with this... Hmmm.....
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Okay! Got to spend time with the fighters last night, and man, it was a rough one! This is going to be a tough job, probably because well, they're fighters!


First of all, I thought I had cleaned the up, mold lines and all. I was WRONG! These dudes have all sorts of casting problems, pretty much beyond my ability to take care of. If I make it to Reapercon, I hope there's a class on cleaning up minis. It made me appreciate Reaper minis, as I've only had one so far that was severely deformed (*cough* Kurff) These guys look like, well, they've been in a fight, so I guess it's appropriate!


I decided to try out the Scalecolor 75 Flesh Paint Set.




I'd used a couple of colors on Kaya the Reaper, but she was mostly MSP Golden Skin / Fair Skin blends with some Scalecolor thrown on top to even out the tones. It actually worked really well, and after working some with these paints last night, that may be my approach in the future until I learn to blend flesh tones better! I'm not sure what it was, but I just couldn't get the flesh tones to cover as well as the other colors in the Scalecolor sets! For example, this pic was after several coats of the flesh paints:




I'm thinking they just weren't shaken well enough as Scalecolor is notorious for not being easy to shake up. In fact, even with agitator balls added, they're still a pain to mix. I finally got frustrated enough to take the entire package and throw it on the vibration table I use for casting Hirst molds, almost all the way up on high. I couldn't stay on high as the machine was dancing around on the floor, and was too loud (everyone else was sleeping) This seemed to mix things up a bit better, and may just be my go to method of shaking Scalecolor. I don't have this issue with MSP, but they are thinner than Scalecolor. 


By the time it was all said and done, this is where I quit after working on skin tones for several hours, mixing, remixing, vibrating paint, and painting...




Better, but not perfect! The Reaper triads make shading a lot easier than trying to figure these paints out. There's an insert in the package that shows how they recommend you do "Indian Flesh" and "Caucasian Flesh" but it's a lot of layers in different places with different blends. It may be a bit beyond me to get those blends on figures this small. I think the examples are on a larger line that they produce and may be airbrushed on... I'm not sure. At any rate, I'll be working on skin tones for a while. The rest should go together fairly quickly as I know what to expect from the other paints.


One thing I will say is that I tried something I picked up from Meg Maple's blog about using W&N S7's full size #2 brush for eyes. In fact, I used a #2 for everything last night. These guys have notoriously SMALL eyes! I mean, tiny! However, I was able to hit them with a lot of accuracy, and the only ones that gave me problems were the ones that had casting issues. I can't explain it, but it really is easier to hit eyes with that large #2 than smaller brushes. Either that, or I'm just getting better....




P.S.: If anyone has experience working with the SC75 Flesh Paints, I'd love to know what you're doing! What blends are you doing? What are you using for different races/ethnicities? For Billy and Ken above, they're basically a derivative of the caucasian instructions included in the kit until I got tired of following the and started mixing things myself. Williams in the middle is basically a combination of Base Flesh, Arabic Shadow, and Golden Skin to various degrees. What I'm seeing is that the shadows aren't shadowy enough and the lights aren't light enough. I'll work on them more when I get the chance and post the results here. I'm also planning on starting a painting journal as I'm getting so diversified in what I'm doing I can't remember what I did the last time! I shudder to think if I ever want to recreate Kaya's leather armor again... LOL! Thanks for reading!


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Okay! I'm shutting this one down for now! I'm shifting my focus for the contest to a different project. I'll pick this one back up in the future, but for the sake of time and completion, I'm going to concentrate on "Target Acquired." I'm going to post a few pics of where these guys are at when I take their pics at my next photoshoot. I'll post it here when I get them  :upside:​ 

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    • By Kharsin
      I need to start a WIP for this project so I'll stay motivated to finish it. This may be an entry for the 40mm+ category on the year long contest. We'll see how it turns out. Right now I'm just working on getting it done.
      We're working on 03680: Thornwood Defender and it's actually further along than this, but I'm currently killing time in a Starbucks waiting to take the kids to see Marvel Universe Live! In the meantime, enjoy the prime pics :)
      The Bee is mounted on piano wire as there's no real base to mount it on. I'm planning on the bee being on liftoff so the wire is extra long. It's kind of challenging to paint having a piece that size with only a wire to manipulate it with. I'm using medical gloves to handle it when necessary, but the vise is useless for anything other than holding it while it dries.

      The little gnome rider is well, little. He's currently done up in green sparkly armor, but those pics will have to come later!

      Thanks for checking out this project! See yall soon at reapercon!
    • By Kharsin
      So I've been under the weather for about a week or so with the crud and haven't painted the entire time. I didn't feel like pausing every 30 seconds or so to hack a lung up, or run to blow my nose, wash hands, etc. Basically, tonight was the first night I've felt up to painting so far in the New Year. Anyhoo, here's my entry for the "Bones" Beauty Pageant. I put bones in quotes as Cassie was the only model I have in my drawer 'o shame, and she's metal, so there's that. She's been sitting in said drawer for quite some time, as I believe that she was probably in my initial order of Reaper products...
      I'm cheating a bit with this one as I'm actually going to use a prefab base from... Um... forget the company right now but I'll have it when I get to that point. I normally just make bases, but I liked this one when I came across it at the FLGS.
      At any rate, here we go! A bit of brown liner to start. I haven't used BL for the last few models, but figured that I should with Cassie as she's so small:
      Next, skin basecoat and eyes... I'm gonna have to work on the left one eventually...

      Hair basecoat... I went with pink, of course! I had a female gnome something or other back when I played WOW, and she had pink hair. Aleighanna was her name.

      And here's where I stopped tonight.


      I've got a few fun things planned for this one. I hate that I'm wayyyyy behind as this was supposed to be the Month 'O the Little People for me, in that I was doing all dwarves, gnomes, etc. It looks like I may be only doing Cassie, but we'll see!
    • By Kharsin
      Okay! I'm about to have to leave to actually deliver this present at our family party, so my post will be brief. I'll come back for more commentary and thoughts later as I'm probably about to get the "eye" from my wife... Here it goes!
      First, this was a speed build. I think I started this one Saturday sometime. I'd have to check the WIP, but I want to say Saturday sounds right. The reason for this is that I thought the Year of the Giants diorama was due on the 23rd... which it wasn't.... anyway...
      To the Pics!
      First of all, a general round of the subject....







      Here's a pic centered on the Doctor....

      And a Doctor Close-Up...

      One focused on Rose...

      And her close up...

      Also one of the detail I tried to freehand on her back around 4:40am or so...ugh...

      So let me be brief!
      1. To everyone who offered advice and ideas for source material as I'm not overly familiar with Dr. Who (I've only about 4 shows into the NuWho, and I've never seen a show featuring the 10th Doctor)... 
      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
      2. A special thanks to Willen who provided a lot of reference material and information having done this project in his AWESOME Dr. Who Diorama he entered for Spaceship Superstar! Dude, you rock! I couldn't have pulled this off without you!
      3. I'm overall please how this came together for a speed build for my nephew. The TARDIS didn't come out perfect and if I had to do it again, I'd do it all in balsa with better tools as my TARDIS isn't square, which caused some issues but overall I'm pleased.
      4. Yes the blue light and interior light flash. It was a pain to wire it all. It does work and that is a miracle! LOL!
      Okay! That's all for now! Please leave any comments as I love to read them! I'm going to enjoy Christmas Eve now so I'll chat with you guys later. Thanks for reading!
    • By Kharsin
      Okay everyone! I'm speed building a Dr.Who diorama for my Nephew for Christmas. Yes, it's in a few days and I'm way behind, so I'm looking at a few "most of the day" workdays to have this ready for, well, Christmas Eve Night! However, I'm not very familiar with the series at all, so I've been asking questions here and there about the 10th Doctor.
      At any rate, I've been using Willen's awesome diorama for a jump off point as it was such an amazing piece! He's also been helping me with reference as well, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH WILLEN! Here's a link to the Dr. Who diorama WIP he did for "Spaceship Superstar."
      So here's some crazily spaced photographs as I was more busy building than pic taking:
      This is what happened after I took a Dremel to the base.

      Here's the reason:

      I'm building this TARDIS up out of Matt Board as I'm still not overly sure exactly what plasticard that everyone uses actually is. The Matt Board was kind of a pain to cut, so I'm not sure if I'll use it again or no. The trick was getting everything to an approximate scale.

      Here's the TARDIS where it currently stands. I'm about to do some more work on it after lunch and go until I can't go anymore! Keep in mind I still have to paint the 10th Doctor as well as Rose....

      Inside view of TARDIS. I plan on adding an interior flashing light as well as a flashing beacon.

      Now the question I currently have (I'm sure there will be more and I'll totally appreciate the help!): I'm trying to find an appropriate scenario for this diorama. As I I've only seen a few episodes, let me ask if it would be appropriate to locate the scene in some crazy environment. I was originally going to do a modern street scene with brick pavers and everything, but I don't think I'm going to get this project finished if I go that route. Instead, I'm thinking of doing some sort of ancient ruin, maybe with an artifact or something in the scenery. Here's a mock-up I put together around 4am this morning after I finally quit. The TARDIS would be located in the center of the obvious square, and I'd probably mount a gold face on the triangular piece and put the Dr. and Rose somewhere in the scene. I'd put in additional detail via Milliput, sand, flowers, etc., and trim up the overlying bricks. Would this be acceptable? I try to get things right when I do things like this as I don't want to offend the fans by my ignorance. I suppose something like this would fall into the realm of "Fan Fiction Via Creative Something Or Other...." 
      Here's a pic of the mock-up:

      Any advice or ideas would greatly be appreciated! Thanks for reading!
    • By Kharsin
      Okay Ladies and Gents... It's time for Year of the Giants: Part Deaux, in which we finally give Kaya a place to hang her spear... or throw it, rather. At any rate, this is where I left off in October when I finished Kaya:

      And here's a post as to where I'm kind of at tonight. I've basically started hacking at the cork, staining my base (I can't help it, I love the look of stain. I do paint some bases black, but something about stain just finishes a lot of projects off for me, if it matches), and figuring out exactly where to put the beasty. 

      I'm just going to put a teaser pic up now as it's late and I don't feel like editing a lot of pics. Here ya go:

      Anyhoo, I'll probably be posting to this thread occasionally as I work out the kinks and figure out exactly what I'm doing. Thanks for checking it out!
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