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CAV Faction organization

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Ok. So I'm thinking about buying the CAV rulebook and perhaps a few units to play around with in my gaming group. I'm a bit of a rules junky so another gaming system would fit in just fine in my collection (which still includes some of the ST RPG from FASA that I never played!).


Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I read, it seems that corporations have become super-national entities. Does this mean they fight turf wars too? So if Martin-Marietta goes to war with KODA, what kind of equipment do they use? Would you find ONLY M-M CAVs in the forces, or do they buy from whomever produces what they need. Still trying to wrap my brain around this idea...



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The UCORs do fight amongst themselves, yes. I would imagine you'd find primarily equipment that they produce in thir own armies, but I would say there's always a smattering of other-UCOR equipment in their armies as well.


Similarly, in peacetime, you'd find stuff from just about evey UCOR in most national armies, but as war drags on and equipment gets destroyed, the majority of the equipment in the national armies will be what they can get from UCORs chartered by allies.

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I've always felt, that would be like a Chevy executive driving a Ford to work. outside of reverse engineering, I can't see UCORs using military grade equipment from another UCOR.


National armies, yeah sure. they'll have a few loyalties, but they'll stick to a few UCORs. Me I prefer SyRaM, Mitso Ta KDM and Hughes Marietta.


We tried to work our fluff so that a little of everything can find its way into our settings. Wife has her Wild Apache ties to Blood Apaches, thus she gets the Grundor House, and MarkV equipment from equipment pirated from the Malvernians. Also true Blood Apaches, pull resources from wherever, with a lot of Borsig Spline and RMI stuff.


Koda Works stuff just seems to be everywhere.

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