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Pics of my WotC PPMs - 2200+ Minis


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Now that you have catalogued the prep ain't collection, I suggest cataloging at least the bones and only seeking out prep aunts not covered by what you have currently in either preparing and bones.


Do the prep ain'ts war with the prep aunts? And what about the poor prep nieces and nephews?




Let me guess, cell phone?

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I've had that happen, too. If I wanted the phone's suggestions, I'd have tapped the suggestion. Don't change things on me after I've already typed them in.


The most recent was when I was trying to send my router password to my wife. Being the usual mess of letters and numbers, the phone made a real mess. The good things were that I noticed it before sending (which is a bit surprising, it must be said) and that when I tapped it, one of the suggestions was the password I typed in originally.

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Ok, Talae, I want to pick your brain on how we can organize our collections... I've spoilered some quick photos to show that I think we have similar sized collections.


The Shelves of Epic Awesome







The Card Catalog of Sub Epic Awesome




Every drawer is full of something, I just haven't labelled it yet because I'm still working out how I want to categorize things




The cluttery looking bins of Large to Average Awesome







So I've been looking at filing them in drawers, because I hate all the shuffling around of bins. Also, IKEA stopped selling both types of bins you see there, and it's driving my OCD nuts. The husband finally agreed that the card catalog is too expensive and not ideal enough for organization of all the minis. So I've been looking at things like this:




And then making drawer dividers so I can organize all the dudes in the anal retentive obsessiveness my OCD demands.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjsuZV58yXI (DIY drawer dividers)


So then all my guys with heavy armor, shields and spears can be separate from all the guys with heavy armor, shields and blunt weapons. 


Remember friends, Pole arms and Maces don't mix... especially when alcohol is involved.


So what are your thoughts? Now that you cataloged your collection, are you going to reorganize it?

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I am definitely open to reorganization. It is just a matter of how. Most of mine are currently in plano trays that fit into fishing tackle boxes. I also have some larger drawers that have either mounds of minis (like my Bones drawer) or Plano trays and Rubbermaid tubs in them. The tackle boxes I inherited from the guy I bought a large percentage of my collection from (~1000 minis for $150! Steal of the century!), but he bought them at Wal-Mart and they no longer carry them.


Your idea is a great one!


As for how to organize them, I find that I like to keep mine separated by manufacturer and then the categories I have listed above. Within each tray, I have them organized slightly further (mostly things like: Halflings on this side and Dwarves on the other side with the Gnomes up front, or whatever).


I keep one tray available for storing minis I will be using soon or have used recently. This has been maintained for years, but recently we tried out a large variety of things that needed a diverse choice of minis and I also acquired about 20-25 (really, not just goblin math here) more minis and that combined with some time off prompted an inventory - and a chance to boast on the internet to build my ego (maybe even helping me to buy less for a while).

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My thought is once my play grade minis are painted (read bones), I will organize them by type. When looking to pull things for an adventure I find myself doing more searches by type, ie "What do I have available that is goblinoid, with spears, but aren't too goblinoid", or "I need an NPC that's in light armor and uses a bow". I find often time i don't care about manufacturer (Which is why I mix my Pathfinder and my WOTC).*


Usually hand painted minis I keep out separate, and I can just visually scan through those for something suitable, but I'm finding with all the Bones I'm painting, that I'm having too many to scan through. (I also recently found out that you really can't store Bones in a bag, thrown in your backpack) so they will have to have some sort of storage, like what I'm doing with my pre-paints.


However, I do think I'm going to buy one of those trays and do an experiment on if they will work as well I think they will. (I haven't tried them sooner, because my husband was dead set on 'something nicer looking', and found the intersection of 'holds lots of minis', 'is functional', 'is not plastic', and 'looks good' didn't exist.) 


I do see that you pull out your large sized creatures from your medium. I tend to like to mix them (as much as possible, without having a lot of space wasted with head room) because like I said... when I'm looking for a "Troll like creature" yes, I usually know which size category I'm looking for, but really I just don't want to be looking in too many different spots for it. :lol:


*This sort of sorting is going to be subject to huge whims, and personal preference. So, individual's MMV. :lol:


(Also buying D&D minis in bulk is the way to go. It's how I built my collection. I would buy a big lot, take what I wanted, sell the rest off individually and would make more money than I spent on the original lot. I wonder if anyone has started doing this with Pathfinder minis... like I have time to sell individual minis on ebay though... I'm such a silly girl)

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