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As discussed in the Big-Mouthed, Putty Catcher thread, this thread will be a sculpt-along-with-me tutorial during which I'll walk you through the process of making a BMPC of your own.    Why the BMP

Step 1: Building the Armature   The first and arguably most important step of any sculpt is to build the armature.  Normally, this process would start with reference material and a template to get t

Step 2: Sculpting the Rock Base   Typically, if a critter is standing on the ground, I sculpt it first and add the base after the fact; however, in this case, the base is necessary to be there befor

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Note: You may need to click on the GIF pictures to activate them.



Step 5: Eyelids


  1. Take a piece of putty and flatten it onto a lubricated surface with a lubricated piece of plastic (I use the lid from my Vaseline jar but old gift cards work great as well). You want it about 1 mm thick.
  2. Cut a even ribbon from the sheet.
  3. Cut the ribbon into a section that will wrap halfway around the eye.
  4. Place it on the eye and seal it down to for the upper eyelid.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the lower eyelid.
  6. Seal the two lids well where they meet, blending the putty smoothly across the back of the eyeball.
  7. Differentiate the corners of the eye, by pushing them back a bit.
  8. Smooth everything with a clay shaper.
  9. Using a fine tool, sculpt wrinkles into the eyelids.
  10. Finish it by adding any lash details you want into the edge of the lids with a fine tool or knife.





Step 6: Under-pin the Body


To make it easier to add the body later, put a coat of putty on the wire.


  1. Roll a long thin length of putty about the same diameter as the wire.
  2. Apply it to the wire with your fingers, flattening it around the wire.
  3. Finish wrapping it around the wire with a tool, then smooth it out along the length or the wire until it is even.
  4. Using a clay shaper, smooth the putty and blend it into the fresh putty from the eyelids. Texture any parts of it that may be visible in the final sculpt.






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Step 7: Sculpt the Body and Lower Lip


Sorry for the long delay; it's been a busy month.  Here's the next steps:


1. Make a very thin GS sheet and cover the tentacle down into the body.

2. Shape and smooth the sheet onto the tentacle, sealing the edges and smoothing it down.

3. Take a body sized glob of putty and make it fairly flat, paper thin on top and fairly thick on the body and stick it to the body area.

4. Wrap the body putty around the wire, sealing it and removing all of the air.

5.  Form and smooth the body with your fingers so that it is sealed and bulges on the side of the body that you want the mouth to be on.

6. Smoothing everything with clay shapers.

7. With an edged, metal tool, cut in the basic mouth in a wide, upside-down V.

8. Pull out the lower lip, working it with your metal tool.

9. Push in under the lip, to give it definition.

10. Shape and smooth the lip and the area above and beneath it with a cupped clay shaper.  Note that you are not sculpting the upper lip at this time.  We'll add that later; we could have done it now, but it is a bit easier to do an upper lip of this size as a separate step (if doing a human face, you'd do it all together).

11. Using the scalpel, add texture lines to the lip.

12. Using the pointed clay shaper and curved pointy tool, all folds and texture to the body.





Have fun,



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