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Super Dungeon Explore: Herald of Vulcanis


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Lost all my pics for my WIP, so no overly wordy link to blog.  I did try some new things.  (I'm not brave with pushing my limits to improve, but getting there.)  First time using weathering pigments.  First time with Scale 75 paints.  Still need to thin paints more and layer up more, but I'm quite pleased with the results if I don't allow myself to be over critical.  C&C is welcome and appreciated.  Thanks for looking.







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For some reason, I liked him green and wanted to practice with green.  I also have a tendency to ignore fluff.  That's the best metallic I've done.  I used the P3 blighted gold which is very close to RMS's Ancient Bronze.  Gave it a wash with P3 armor wash, then some old fashion GW Devlan Mud, threw the older GW Purple wash on there.  Then rusted it up with SWM Rust Brown, Rust Red, and a tad of Rust Orange.  (Just in case you were interested.)

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