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Death & Taxes: A Complete Role-Playing Box Set Adventure

King n00B

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Death & Taxes is an adventure for 4-7 players using characters level 4-6. Although designed for classic rules, the ultimate goal is to create total conversions of the game for popular modern systems.

Once the goals for project funding and the backer surpass the initial stretch goal targets all options are on the table, As backers, you will have a seat at that table to decide which one will happen first!

Look for the results to be revealed in our Stretch Goals section as the campaign progresses.

The Gnomes are ready start to translating Death & Taxes into Pathfinder/OGL and (we hope) fifth edition compatible versions.




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This is a great company with great products and the people involved are nice people that care about quality.


They have quite a few minis out already to support their adventures and there is a 20+ page PDF sample of Whisper & Venom on their website. Lessergnome.com


Check out the reviews.


Anyway, I'm supporting this for sure.

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I was going to wait until we had more figurines unlocked until I started a thread, but my backers beat me to it. Thanks Kingn00b and the rest of you.

Death & Taxes is now in its last 72 hours and has been trending up the last few days looking to have a strong finish. The product is a box set, complete with as many luxury accessories as funding will allow. This includes custom sculpted miniatures.

These, the $40 minis only pledge level, specifically-



With the option to add these two larger figures-



Our first product, Whisper & Venom, was kickstarted in June 2013. It delivered on time and as promised. We were even selected as a nominee for an ENnie award in 2 categories-one of which was Best Miniatures Product (we didn’t win…Paizo/WizKids beat us…lol).


Backers get not only the current figurines, but a discount on the figurines from our last Kickstarter. If the timing is bad be aware that the pledge manager is active in January, so just pledging $1 now will get you the chance to purchase them at that time.


The full product in the Kickstarter is this-



The project page is here-




As you can see from earlier in the thread, I have the support of quality backers who know figurines. I am glad to have them on board to keep producing quality gaming adventures and miniatures. I have an entire page with more downloads, links, podcast appearances and reviews than anyone could want to read, should you still need to take a closer look. That is located by clicking here.


Thanks for taking a look. Thank you to Reaper as well for allowing us little guys to promote our minis here.


Zach Glazar

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