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02825- Townsfolk (with children)

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Very nice. Love the pallette. Also love the mother's expression too.

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/agree, I really likes this. I have been really fond of non-combat models as of late and this hit that buzz completely! Your choice of colors are superbly good sir! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

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That is a CHARMING little scene. Your skin tones & brushwork in general are OUTSTANDING. DELIGHTFULLY WELL DONE!

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With the pallet- I did something similar to this more deliberately a while ago.  Jen Haley painted up a diorama using a limited pallet of only five paint pots.  Hers came out brilliant, so I tried doing the same thing a few times (pick five paint pots, and mix your colors out of those only).


It works really well- it helps you achieve the kind of beauty that good illustrations and paintings can achieve.



nice work, I wish the bones versions had not come out so mangled.  

Its nice to see a good job done with the originals


I've got her in bones as well, and I hadn't noticed a problem with her.  Maybe I should look again.


The one I painted is metal- she's been sitting around primed for many a year and really needed some attention.

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nice job.  I like the fluency of your colour choices for the family - they look like they are her children.  I love the hair on the little guy.  For some reason, it reminds me of the Aadams Family.

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Really excellent job. I always enjoy seeing your work.


I'm often guilty of  using whatever is on my wet palette to paint whatever I'm working on.

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