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Bones II Update 10-17 Discussion

Thes Hunter

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A project this size? I honestly would have been totally baffled if it had been on time (that's not an attack on Reaper's planning, but just the simple truth). Of all the Kickstarters I backed, most were late (and much smaller projects). So if I can wait for three printed books for a year longer than was promised, guess I can wait a couple of month for my ... uh ... 20 minis to arrive ... yes, 20 ...

Simple, Reaper tells us it will take a year longer than it actually will to make the minis and then sits on them for 9 months (3 months of actual delays) until they are ready to be delivered EXACTLY ON TIME!  That would make everybody happy, right?  They'd be guaranteed in time for Christmas 2015.

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There are immutable laws of business that dictate delays in any project of sufficient scale. If Reaper did what Falstius said, they'd get flooded in, picketed, audited by the EPA, or overrun and eaten by savage voles.

And the paint might start to get old. Don't forget the paint.  ::P:


I figured the IRS would audit them before the EPA but millions of mythical creatures all camping out in one location for a year might summon the EPA.

Darn lawyers and their summons. ãƒ½(`Д´)ノ︵ â”»â”â”»

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I've seen a resin master of DDS2.....I have no idea where I could fit or put a bones one......

I've got room in my display cabinet for it, I'm pretty sure. Realistically though, it's going to go into the Bones box until I buy a can of grey primer to start on the terrain.

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