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Bones II Update 10-17 Discussion

Thes Hunter

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Listening to y'all makes me regret not getting them all.

And here I thought that 10 dragons from this kickstarter would be enough.


Live and learn. unsure_zps412aa381.gif



The delays make me a sad panda. I would really have loved to have these in hand before christmas :/


I agree. Christmas delivery would be so sweet, but I'm glad that they decided to fix the shoddy Pathfinder and barbarian minis instead of shipping flawed figures out. I've been buying the metal versions of the Pathfinder sculpts because quite a few of the ones from Bones I were poorly transferred to bones.


Having quality bones versions means I can get extras and easily modify them as needed. It's nice to do things like switch the arms of the goblins to make more variety. It's also fun to modify PC minis. Having them in bones makes that a breeze, but it only looks nice if the sculpts are transferred well to begin with. A two month delay kinda sucks but it's way better than an on time delivery of mixed quality minis. Thank goodness they choose quality.

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There isn't much I haven't ordered, but I got all the dragons!


Wobbly Verocithrax will go perfectly with wobbly Jabberwocky.


I should really count how many Bones dragons there are if we include both Bones 1-2.


One would think that it should be a satisfyingly large number. But that one is WRONG! ::P:

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That said, I honestly have no idea what wave I am. Maybe 3?

How do you figure out what wave you are in?

Go to Kickstarter backer activity and select Bones II. In the description it'll also include what pledge level you selected. The pledge level description will state what wave it is.

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Maybe the next KS should be to fund a Bones cargo ship. Not just a ship to carry Bones, but one made of Bones!


Think of the mold costs.  :lol:


Alternate joke:  Has MSP been tested for anti-fouling?


Alternate, alternate joke.  Will Buglips volunteer to paint it with a 5/0 brush?

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Thing is ... I believe Reaper when they say that delays happened due to them taking quality control more seriously. The proof, however, will be in the pudding. If those Bones are of good quality, it was worth the wait, even if it means shipping in January. If they are not ... Denton Houston, we have a problem ...

Changed that for you.

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Well, those boxes i'm keeping as a collectors item....plus i'm a packrat.

I still have my Vampire box. But then again, it still has Bones in it.



...me, too...


...and me...


QC is the prime lesson from Bones I, so I think most of us can live with the delay to improve on final product. A lot was learned. Quality is definitely the superior value to make priority.


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