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Maglok butchers a limited edition, GF9 Dracolich


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So to honour our most venerable Buglips I decided to follow suit in naming this thread. I just aquired a really awesome model. No like seriously awesome.


Here it is.




Cookie who knows what it is! Might be slightly harder then when I grab a Bones mini to paint.


I am going to give this one the full treatment. It will probably take me months to finish, but that is just fine. :)


Remove mold channels, wash it all up, try to put it together, etc. It has been a while since I have done a full step by step WIP, so I figured lets do it on a awesome miniature.

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Darn I really thought I stump you Buglips! Yes, I grabbed the last one available on Spiel. :) Doesn't even have box art yet.


So right now I am cutting away all the bits and bobs. that are unneccesary. The wings have a lot of thin resin that I was told is meant to be drilled away, so I aim to do that next.

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A lot of the painting would have to be OSL then, but I think it would be worth it. His base is 6 inch diameter.


I did the first bit of glueing yesterday night. I cleaned all the part of extra bits, washed it with a toothbrush and some water (mold release had to be removed here and there). The amount of casting errors is really low, I am amazed by the quality of this thing.


I put the base together and spent a lot of time on positioning the model, holding bits together, etc. to get a feel for how the thing works. The stance is kind of awesome.


I will have to paint the base seperately, and probably also at least the wings, for I cannot reach the ribcage properly if the wings are in the way. Oh and I get to choose how far open I want the mouth to be, awesome option. :) I am thinking like halfway open. He peeks around the bit of ruined building afterall and it feels to me like he wants to breath on whatever is there.


I will post a few pictures tonight of how he looks so far.

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