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Maglok butchers a limited edition, GF9 Dracolich


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I am working on the base right now, but I am planning ahead for the dragon itself. I just ordered a omni badger airbrush with nice silent compressor. Unfortunately it won't arrive till like 1.5 months. That said, more work on the base! WOo! Pictures later.

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So yeah I think I got a bit sidetracked and intimidated by this miniature. Part of my head is saying 'you should not paint this! You are NOT worthy!' and then some other miniatures came up... about 6. So I forced myself to sit down and do more basecoating on the base. I wish I had a airbrush for this, good gawd.




As you can see I am in the middle of painting a lot of sand (with individual sandgrains it is annoying to paint!) and a lot of ruined remains of the tower. So... not that much to see here, but this will keep me going!


Time to butcher some more!

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With large minis It is hard not to get sidetracked. Good luck I really look forward to seeing your work on this one. Oh in case I forgot to mention he is the miniature I was looking for from Gen Con, I did a bit of research and dug up the photos I took at the show. 


I can't wait to see your's finished. The base is off to a good start.

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Thanks! :)


So I have found something I did not like on the base. I present 'evidence A'.




To me that does not look like a stone floor should look. So I got out the green stuff and voila.




It will be fine! You can also see that I started to wash the stone a bit. I intend to apply a combination of drybrushing and highlighting to the stones.

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Drybrushing has commenced! I did a bunch of detail work on the ground, washed the tower and started the slow work of building the color back up again. Interesting fact is that the dragon covers a lot of the base so I will be keeping the parts that are especially closed off from the light much darker.


15803167096_7a2bc8bea4_z.jpg    15641001039_400f1875d4_z.jpg

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It is alive! I have the motivation to work on a big model again, so I have started painting the base some more!


@Grumpy Cave Bear: It was the wash. I used different washes on the base, but also different highlights/drybrushes.


So what we have here is the first hints of what I am thinking the light is gong to be. Also the door, some work on the branches and overall more work on the ground. I have to take this slowly, so it end up extremely awesome. :)



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@Haldir: Haha yeah they are supposed to be quite teal. Will probably finish them soon as well.


@Arc 724: :)


So here is a status update. I have started thinking about how to paint the dragon. The airbrush still isn't in and I just heard that the compressor is going to take a lot of extra time. Kind of silly if you ask me, but that is the way it is. I don't want to wait that long so I am going to hand-paint him.


So first of all I thought about the colorscheme, lots of shades of blue, from dark to light to near white. Then greys, lots of it. Though I need something to mix it all up. So here is question one:


Question 1: What color to add to the scheme?


That got me thinking about the colors more, so I sketched out a quick pallete. I don't quite like the vibrancy in it. It is not a glowing blue. It is going to look a bit dull.


Question 2: How do I get vibrant, glowing, blue?


I know it might involve adding orange somewhere for opposite color-ness, but my color theory is a bit rusty on this subject.


Here is the sketch:




Then I started thinking about the basecoat and I have decided to switch it from white to black, simply because it will save me a lot of time getting a perfect coat.


Next up what parts of the dragon were going to expose the blue glowing core of the thing? So far I have the eye sockets (even though technically they are not a outlet of the stoumach), the back of the throat, through all the ribs.


Question 3: Anymore parts that should emit light?


So yeah I am carefully planning this. :)

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I dunno about Euros, but the GF9 red dragon is $90 USD. This looks even bigger than that guy is, so my guess is like $150-$200 ish? I don't know what that is in Euros though. I could be way off too. Just a guess.


Euro to USD is pretty dang close right now to being even ($1 USD = .94 Euro). That means 90.00 Euros would be $95.27.

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