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Dolphin in Landwalker

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One of the minis I got out of the Box of Goodwill =P Had to do research to figure out what it was. It's from Steve Jackson games, part of their Uplift series

I'm painting mine up as a Pacific White Sided dolphin. Not sure if I should leave the walker in tones of gold or do it in silver. Would silver contrast with the dolphin too much?






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1. I like the yellow metal visually. The contrast reveals the details of the dolphin better than white metal would. (I can also justify it on a corrosion-resistance argument.)


2. If I were to ever get one of these, I might have to bling it up a bit. I think I'd like sentient dolphins as artistic sorts that would personalize their walkers some.

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I love the dolphin!

I also love David Brin's Uplift series!

Where can I find these dolphins?

Unfortunately, the 'fin in encounter suit mini was part of the Uplift minis box put out by Steve Jackson Games a number of years ago when they had the license from David Brin, and is very OoP. :-(


As far as i know, nobody else has released anything similar - which seems odd, given the plethora of transhuman RPGs that deal with concepts like uplift out there right now?

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