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Now the exchange mini is done I started work on a new diorama.


This will be the inside of a fantasy Library where a party of adventurers is planning a trip. Central will be a large globe. The back will be two stories high with build in bookcases and a walkway on the second floor. The plan is to have one sidewall with a large window and a tapestry. 

The walls will have wood paneling and possible a mosaic floor.


As I am waiting on some materials I started painting the minis for the diorama.




The gentleman contemplating the floor is Grand Master Pycelle from Dark Sword. The floor is a test piece I made to see if it works. What do you think?


In the back are from left to right:


Ailyn Ghonstasavos, Hellknight Captain, Jolie Female Scribe, Balto Burrowell, Cleric of Mammon and the Discworld Librarian from microartstudio.


In the planning are also books (duh), maps and all kinds of curios things and knickknacks.


Oh, and cats.

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I would avoid the mosaic floor or use much larger tile pieces to create it, or repaint that piece of tile with darker colors. Right now its so bright its going to dominate the scene and that's the only thing people are going to look at. If you want something other than a wood floor watch the library scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and see how the marble floor compliments the action rather than dominating the action. Now that I think about it the scene you are describing could be the library area from that movie.

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Library!!!  ::o:  ::D:


Ahem, I suggest you also try and include scrolls as well as books.  Scrolls were common for quite some time, any good library should have a few. 


I think the biggest problem with the mosaic is that it currently has exactly the same color scheme as the gentleman on top of it.  If you want to go with brightly colored floor you're going to have to plan the colors of the characters accordingly.  (And personally I'd prefer a more subdued floor, but that's just my decorating taste.) 

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Hi Minibart;


I love the script scene description plan of your diorama...lends itself to some fantastic and basically unlimited detail work!...Your selection of miniature figures projects great animation to the scene (as a suggestion...if you can treat each figure as a " single vignette "...and place into the whole scene so that it blends in and tells a mini story (as opposed to just having a figure fill an empty/open space)...if you understand what I am trying to say!


I am in complete agreement with Heisler...that mosaic floor (although a unique idea) just does not fit the descriptive feeling of your diorama...maybe it is just the bright colors that tend to draw the visual eye to the floor as the main focal point...it might look acceptable if it was dark and subdued (???)...As a diorama builder (myself)...I would go with a solid oak or pine floor for the entire library...which would blend completely with your wooden walls, bookcases, 2nd floor stairs, tables & chairs, etc...


I think that your diorama has fantastic potential. Looking forward to seeing what you decide upon and step by step photos!


Paul (Catdancer)

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Floor number 2.


I don't think floor 1 works, I tried to tone the brightness down with washes. The plastic the tiles are made of does not take washes very well. The best effect I got was a very dirty bright floor. Not really what I want.


I found another product for making mosaics. These are real ceramic tiles. I like these a lot more.




This is a test without any paint or grout. I like it, but I am not going to use it for the library. It looks more something for a hallway or kitchen.

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Still waiting on some materials, so I started painting the captain.  Still needs some touch-ups.




The captain will form a mini scene in the library with the librarian: The captain just entered the library, slamming the door behind him and is being hushed by the librarian.



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