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If I recall correctly The Unseen Library has more than 3 dimensions. That will get a bit tricky to model :;):

The library will have fantasy elements, like a crystal ball, books on chains, etc.


My plan for now is to make it 21 cm x 14 cm, that is the size of the plinth I bought.

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This is a test for the stairs to the catwalk. Off course after I glued all the steps together I noticed it spirals the wrong way for the place I want it ^_^


The material is pvc-foam board. Not easy to find but ideal for models. Easy to cut, does not warp when wet and you can even make curves with it.

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attachicon.gif2014-11-06 20.49.05.jpg


This is the design of the back wall.On the left side will be the spiral stairs. That is why there is no bookcase there. The door and the window on the second floor will be recessed from the bookcases.


Love the plans that you are drawing out. What materials are you going to use to accomplish the bookcases/books?

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