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These ones I made myself.

The table and chairs are from 4ground.

I'm going to want to pick your brain about how you made these. They're awesome.



Ya, i'm on board for this as well. THis project is uniquely cool and I think we would all love a WIP of the pieces! 


I mean, I read up on those books and want to make some for the heck of it! 

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Making cabinets is not that hard. You just have to measure and cut with precision. Here is a some pictures of how to build the bookcase.


I used 1mm and 2mm balsa wood, you could also use plastic card. I prefer balsa wood because I have lots of it and it is easy to cut.

When designing a bookcase I look at a real example to see how it is put together and try to scale it down to size.


Here are the parts cut out. The bookcase is 40mm wide, 46mm high and 13mm deep.




First step is to make to front with a couple of doors/drawers and the floor




Then assemble the lower half. Here you can see I used 2mm balsa for the sides. This makes it a bit easier it make it square.




The top part is assembled from left to right. Pro tip: dry fit everything before you glue it! Breaking it apart after gluing it down so no fun and can break the small parts.




The top of the bookcase gets a small lip around the border to add some visual interest.




Here it is assembled next to the one I made earlier.







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WOW!!! That looks so utterly amazing already!!!! :D The staircase is particularly impressive, such a smooth curve, and the railing mirrors it perfectly!


I'm ridiculously excited to see this project all finished and painted, it's going to look INCREDIBLE!!  :bday:



--OneBoot :D

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Great job on the spiral staircase, it looks great. Always a difficult thing to pull off. Its actually looking crowded now and there aren't any minis in place yet. You might consider losing that bookcase on the left side, to my eye it looks awkward. Instead I would rebuild the stairs down into the pit and make them a bit bigger, they also look very unfinished compared to the rest of the room. Since the bookcase feels like its there just to fill space I would, instead, plan on putting some kind of picture or tapestry or maybe even a trophy head (dragon?) hanging from that wall.

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