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Nativity sheep 01438 modified


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Adorable. Would love to hear your backstory and how you came upon a sheep familiar.

Well the back story is kind of short. My monthly saturday D&D game has been playing through some old Arcanus modules, and well they've turned out to be far more lethal than we anticipated. A few sessions ago my elf rogue was insta-killed by a sorcerer who we kind of startled while he was in the middle of discussing his secret betrayal plans with someone in a magic mirror. So he wheeled around and blasted the door my elf was behind. He used multiple charges of a circlet of a ram, which smashed down the door, and kept going right through my elf.


I was already set on making a druid as my replacement character, and looking through the Arcanus book I found that Druids in service to Salwe can have a ram as a familiar. So I decided that clearly that was a sign and went with the ram familiar. 


As for his hat, we were going into a city and people were joking about my ram being mistaken for food there. So we gave Sam the ram a little laurel. His laurel has since been embellished with scraps and decorations from vanquished enemies. at some point I assume he'll be wandering around in a little cape and a giant hat if we manage to not get TPKed by the sorcerer king this week. 

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I love that you painted his face in such a realistic fashion, and thelittle Madeline-hat is the kicker.


For some reason the thread title is reminding me of "Evelyn, A Modified Dog."

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