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14547 - Nightspectre exchange mini

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    • By lexomatic
      The WIP is here:
      A little less see-through than I'd like, but the light still passes. There is glow in the dark medium used, but it's not very effective, and would never come into play anyway.

    • By lexomatic
      I had so much fun with my slimes I decided to do a few more translucent minis I had handy.
      These are the Grave Wraith and Nightspectre (somewhere else I have a Ghostly Summons 77095, Labella DeMornay 77096, and a spare Spirit 77098 that I will paint another time).
      I wanted to do these quickly, so it's ink mostly - the same ones as with the slimes, plus maybe a few darker phthalos.
      I've done a coat of glow in the dark medium for each (photographed), a coat of the not highest green, and picked out the skeletons in the nightspectre with a wash of medium and brown liner and base coated the grave wraith's sword and tombstone in a dark blue-grey. not photographed
      Eventually everything will get a drybrush of spectral glow (and maybe another, mixed with maggot white, in a few spots).
      For the nightspectre, I'm going to try and treat it as a fire and get darker going out. With the wraith, I'm going to go lighter out from the bottom centre. Plus highlights for both.
      The goal will be for them to be mostly translucent (and glow in the dark, because everything gets that medium). Hopefully I'll figure out how much direct light, and how much medium I need to be able to photograph this.
      Photos later today in subsequent posts.
    • By tiniest rhombus
      Painted this fellas up for my mystery fall exchange partner, SGHawkins. She asked for something she could use in an upcoming nautical campaign so some sea type monsters seemed just the thing. Im super happy she likes them.

    • By tiniest rhombus
      Painted up this little lady and not so little doggie for my Fall Exchange partner Marineal. She requested gaming appropriate bases but I couldn't help myself so the figures are removable from the display base.
    • By Kangaroorex
      So, this was by far the most challenging composition for an exchange mini yet.  My partner was MiniBart and the work he has done in the past has both challenged and impressed me with the composition of the work.  In turn I wanted to provide a piece that would provide an artistic view as well as just being a miniature.  In addition I know that he doesn't play so these pieces are all meant for display.  Anyway the decision was a real challenge.  I finally decided on the dwarven brewmeisters because they have exceptional character and they set up a good story just by themselves.  I also like to work with wood and I have finally started to get my wood shop in operation again so I created a parquet floor for the little guys.  The piece is larger than it has to be but my intention was to give the image of grand space and open floor:  this is the dwarf king's hall after all!  I wanted everything to seem oversized. 
      To that end I present "Crossing the Mountian King's Hall"
      3 nephews of the king needed to speak with their uncle to help determine their fates.  The trip was long, the hall flowed off into the dark, and the result might be scary, after all, he was the king!  How to make the journey?  Surely, one should come prepared and fortified, so a tavern was sought.  "But" cried the youngest  with a mug in each hand "the hall is long! surely no amount of preparation will last the entire trip!" 
      So a better solution was sought, and the pony and keg were bought.  but woe betide our young visitors: the king had decreed a strict no animal policy in his halls.  It turned out they tended to get lost and become most annoying.
      What were our fellows to do!  "we shall carry the burden!  We shall draw lots and the winner will wear the yellow hat of glory and bear the beer!"  lots were drawn, accusations flew, lots were drawn again, and the eldest acquired both hat and keg. 
      So our little friends begin their journey, walking and preserving their energy with the elixir of life for all dwarves:  Beer!
      I hope you enjoy looking as much as I did creating!





      C&C is always welcome!
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