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Iconics in Pathfinder battles?

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I believe Paizo has licensed the Pathfinder concepts to Reaper, ergo they can license them to whomever else they want.  I could be wrong.  Also, Bones minis currently don't come painted any more, and some people just don't want to paint.  (Crazy people!)


I have seen several of the iconic characters released in older pre-painted collections (our PFS DM looooves to use them and has a huge collection of them).  It's funny because they actually kinda look worse in person tbh.  We proved this to him really easily too.  I am playing a cleric/monk and am using the 89013: Ezren, Iconic Wizard from Reaper to represent him for the moment until I can get a proper one that looks like him. The wife did a "tabletop" paint job on it and it looks soooo much better than the pre-painted one he has.  But he doesn't like painting so that's why he gets them that way.

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Are the iconics not Reaper exclusive minis?  The ones in the new lost coast expansion a) don't look great, and b) already exist in bones..



Pathfinder figures are not licensed to us under exclusive license.


Paizo allows other licensors to also produce figures produced by us, in any medium.

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Actually the first pack of iconics (released for the Starter/Basic box) isn't that bad. The fine details on Kyra looks great for a prepaint.


Seems like as Wizkids pushed out more sets the quality has come down even to a point where they issued a return program for the witch figure.


Supposedly a higher quality prepaint is coming early next year. To be honest I'd rather see Paizo focus less on thier iconics & put out more general figures.

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