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Extra Life Event for Children's Miracle Network


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Hey fellow Reaper fans. At 10 am this morning i joined 16 other gamers in a 24 hours gaming marathon for charity. All money donated to my page will go to the Childrens hospital in Dallas, TX which isn't to far from Reaper HQ.  At the time of this post i have received $115 out of my goal of $200 raised. I would love to be able to meet my goal, or even better, blow it out of the water like the reaper kick starters :) 

If you would like to help out and donate it would be greatly appreciated. Also we will be streaming this event and there will be prizes to be won in a raffle such as hand made dice bags!. Every $5 donated will get you one ticket. You will be automatically entered when you donate so check out the link below.




Check out the live stream!




Thank you all for your time and support!

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No apology necessary! Anything helps, thank you for your donation!


Extra life is made up of small groups all over the place. Most donations are personal donations and because of individuals like you, Extra life has currently raised over 3.6 million dollars for the Children's Miracle Network!

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We have 20 minutes in til the end of the event. My team had a goal of $1500 and we collected $1505 so every donation made was vital for us making our goal! Thank you all again for donating. My team was excited to meet our goal but more importantly we helped a great cause! I had a lot of fun with this event, but now its time to sleep... 

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